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University of Nebraska at Omaha


Visiting Professor at Loughborough University, UK

School of Business and Economics, Loughborough, Faculty

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Loughborough Profile of Wohar


Left Front: Stephen Leybourne; Left Rear: David Harvey; Right Rear: Mark Wohar

Discussing Time Series Analysis at the "Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem"

England's Oldest Pub; Dating back to 1189AD; (Located in Nottingham)

The Homepage for the Pub Up Above

Above you will see a picture of the White Hart Inn (Established 1516)

In Grassmarket Edinburgh

The oldest existing standing pub in Scotland

Great place to drink and have fun !

The web site for the pub is here


Ken Wallis @ 75 Conference at Warwick July 9-10, 2013: Papers and Pictures


More Pictures from Ken Wallis at 75 years of age Conference (July 9-10, 2013) Set 1 of 2

Set 2 of 2


Charles Nelson and Mark Wohar



Modeling Macroeconomic and Financial Time Series

Conference Held at Loughborough University

July 21-22, 2014

Link to Program



Conference Participants Above

Presenters Above

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Table of Contents                                            Editors Introduction





    Pierre L. Siklos, Martin T. Bohl, and Mark E. Wohar




RECENT ADVANCES IN ESTIMATING NONLINEAR MODELS:: With Applications in Economics and Finance

    The Online Book From Springer

      Edited By Jun Ma and Mark Wohar





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    Econ Ph.D. Ranking of Schools

    Ranking of Business Schools from the Financial Times

    Kiplinger rates cities most expensive

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    Ten Best Cities for what you get for your dollar (best value)

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    World Wide Directory of Finance Faculty

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    Center for Applied Business and Economic Research

   International Symposium on Forecasting

    Building Resilient Cities (Philadelphia Fed Conference)

    North American Summer Meetings Econometrics Society


Here are the rankings for the MBA.

 The Forbes MBA Rankings only for the FTMBA (happens only every 2 years) and Cass Business School

participated in them in 2009. They just finished the survey for the year 2011 and the results will be published only in October 2011.

For the 2009 results, please see the following website:


The Economist Rankings published every year and results are also being compiled as we speak. The 2010 results can be viewed on the website below:


The Financial Times Global (Full Time) MBA Rankings are published every year as well in January. Check out the website:


The Financial Times Executive MBA Rankings are published every year as well in October. For the 2010 results, visit:

Reasons Why You May Want to Pursue an MBA Degree


A Guide to Online Schools

Society for Financial Studies_1

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    RePEc Rankings                    Cengage Website

    University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa Salaries

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         OLD BLACKBOARD            Hugh Laurie's Protest Song (Go House!)

    EPI SnapShots            How to be Websmart

       Time Line Line for 2007-2008 Financial Crises

    Long-term Effects of Great Recession (Fed of Boston)

      Applied Intermediate Macroeconomic by Kevin Hoover, Duke University, Cambridge University Press (Forthcoming October 2011)

    Heritage Foundation                Hans Rosling: No More Boring Data

    More Interesting Data Depiction from Hans Rosling

    Terrorism Data                        Econometric Links

        NBER Conference Department                        Cengage Global Economic Watch

     Rats Software Forum          Baseline Scenario     

        Understanding Exchange Rates as Asset Prices

    ral Resources of Macroeconomics and Financial Economics

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    Economists Jobs            Best Places for Business and Careers

    IT Career Paths     Information About Different Careers

    Educating Engineers        Foundation for Tomorrows Engineers

    Computer engineering degrees and careers:

     Electrical engineering degrees and careers:

     Mechanical engineering degrees and careers:

    Robert Solow on the 2008-2009 Financial Crises

    Braintack (College and University Directory)

    Econ Journal Watch (AIER)        Khan Academy

    Giving Academic Talks        Delivering the Gettysburg Address

    KIOS (NPR radio streaming)    Federal Housing Finance Agency (OFHEO)  

    OECD Statistics Extract           

    Important Economic Links        Eurozone (Wikipedia)

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USCWeb, the University of Southern California (Plain-Text Page) 
DG 1A HomePage (European Commission) - European Union : External Relations : DG 1A 
macroeconomic-modelling discussion list 
Computing in Economics and Finance 

           A free source of US data

        Human Development Index

        Investment Behavior and Policy Implications (Citation of Rapach and Wohar (2007, IJF)

             CREATES - Center for Research in Econometric Analysis of Time Series.

        Journal Impact Factors    

        Definition of Impact Factor

               Tips on Writing Economic Papers

                On Line Masters of Finance

                   Great Myths of the Great Depression

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            Bunneies: Quantitative Easing Video

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We have 1180 video lessons that are a great tool to help your students study. You can access our complete library of videos here:


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Our video collection is growing every day and we now have over 1100 online educational videos across 25 subject areas. Our Educational Psychology, College Algebra, College Composition and English Literature collections are almost 100% developed so keep an eye out as they are completed over the next few weeks!

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Research Links:


  1. Dick Startz’s webpage.


  1. Econometric links. Includes upcoming conference links.


  1. Excellent background materials for PhD students in Economics. The online lecture notes collection is really good.


  1. RFE on AEAweb.


  1. The Federal Reserve Banks.


  1. NBER.


  1. Gauss codes at American University.


  1. Gauss codes at Jonathan Hill’s webpage.


            Gauss Applications Purchases


  1. Finance links.


  1. Quantitative Macro and RBC.


  1. Greg Mankiw’s blog.


  1. Hamilton/Chinn blog.




  1. Computational Economics.

    o. The Professor is In

 From Cameron's Homepage

Economics Data Sources

This will always be out-of-date: websites change, new ones are added and I don't know all of them in the first place.
I checked the following links July 2003.

There are many data sources on the internet and many organizations with lists of data sources on the internet.
Here I list some of these that are quite useful, in order:

Be aware that many of  the data sources available on the web are updated infrequently or do not have the actual data readily available for download and are therefore not particularly useful for data analysis.

Links to Lists of Data Sources

The following links give many, many data sources and can involve much trial and error to find the data you want.
These links are best to use if the macrodata and microdata links given further down do not have what you want.

Government Data Sources Macrodata

The following is is a good source to obtain data in an easy form to download into Excel.

International Data Microdata

Micro data includes industry-level or firm-level data and individual-level data.

Here I give the leading survey data sets on individuals:

These data sets and many more are generally available free by download of the entire dataset from Many of these data sets plus complete documentation can be purchased as CD's costing $10-$30.

And in some cases selected variables can be downloaded directly from the original web-site given below.
For some of these it is easy to download a few selected variables of the web. For others one can only obtain the entire data set and then select variables on ones own computer, in which case one needs specialized software as the data sets are often large. Over time more data sets will be downloadable and the information given here may be dated.

One can use these data sets as class exercises. e.g. get data on income and education and analyze. One easy one to extract data from is the PSID.
For serious research, however, one needs to look in more detail at the survey design and questionnaire to find out, for example, whether a value is 0 because it really is 0 or whether it is 0 because the person was not asked the question.

Journal Data Archives

Several journals require that data used in a study published in a journal be placed on archive so other researchers can attempt to replicate their results.
All but the first of these data sets tend to be highly specialized and are most suitable for use in economics Ph.D. field courses.

This will always be out-of-date: websites change, new ones are added and I don't know all of them in the first place.
I checked the following links July 2003.

There are many data sources on the internet and many organizations with lists of data sources on the internet.
Here I list some of these that are quite useful, in order:

Be aware that many of  the data sources available on the web are updated infrequently or do not have the actual data readily available for download and are therefore not particularly useful for data analysis.

Links to Lists of Data Sources

The following links give many, many data sources and can involve much trial and error to find the data you want.
These links are best to use if the macrodata and microdata links given further down do not have what you want.

Government Data Sources Macrodata

The following is is a good source to obtain data in an easy form to download into Excel.

International Data Microdata

Micro data includes industry-level or firm-level data and individual-level data.

Here I give the leading survey data sets on individuals:

These data sets and many more are generally available free by download of the entire dataset from Many of these data sets plus complete documentation can be purchased as CD's costing $10-$30.

And in some cases selected variables can be downloaded directly from the original web-site given below.
For some of these it is easy to download a few selected variables of the web. For others one can only obtain the entire data set and then select variables on ones own computer, in which case one needs specialized software as the data sets are often large. Over time more data sets will be downloadable and the information given here may be dated.

One can use these data sets as class exercises. e.g. get data on income and education and analyze. One easy one to extract data from is the PSID.
For serious research, however, one needs to look in more detail at the survey design and questionnaire to find out, for example, whether a value is 0 because it really is 0 or whether it is 0 because the person was not asked the question.

Journal Data Archives

Several journals require that data used in a study published in a journal be placed on archive so other researchers can attempt to replicate their results.
All but the first of these data sets tend to be highly specialized and are most suitable for use in economics Ph.D. field courses.




    Quantitative Easing and Investing            AAUP

    Goldman Sachs: Power and Peril

    The Great Recession: 4 part series from Boston Fed

            Stock Return Predict

  •          St. Louis Fed’s FRED

  •          ALFRED

  •         BEA

  •         NBER

  •         Macrospect

  •             Create your own survey


  •     Message Center


  •         Deardoff's Glossary of International Economics



  • Directory: International Economists
  • Directory: Finance
  • Frequently Requested:

    Business Cycle Memos, FAQ, Members
    Business Cycle Dates
    Current Population Survey
    Economic Report of the President
    New Economic Releases
    Vital Statistics

  • Executive Gift Shoppe


    Job Openings for Economists
    Links to Economics Departments in the United States
    NBER Working Papers

    Tutor2u Resources

    Econometric Resources of John Kane


        CEFifo Group Munich

    Economics Links
    Internet Resources for Economists
      Bill Goffe's incredible web site which contains just about every economics related link known to exist. If you're looking for an economics web site not listed here, this is the first (and probably the last) place to start.

    The Dismal Scientist
      Although the name is not stimulating, this is a very dynamic web site. This page is updated daily and reports current economic conditions in the U.S. and the world. There is too much on their site to list here; check it out for yourself.

    Economics at About.Com
      This a nice general interest economics site.

    The Economist
      The magazine's on-line site which contains a sizable archive of previous issues.

    Links to all the Federal Reserve Banks
      This site provides the Board of Governor's map which links to all the Federal Reserve Bank web sites. Visiting the publications section of each of the Federal Reserve Banks will provide you with a list of all of the free publications that are available from each bank. Many of the banks also provide data on the economy which may be downloaded.

    List of Worldwide Central Banks
      This link provides the URL for every central bank in the world. The classifications are stratified by continent as well as by country. These links are useful for discovering the economic structure of non-U.S. nations.

    List of Worldwide Economics Departments
      A comprehensive list of Economics Department & Research Centers.

    American Economic Association Member Directory
      Look up your favorite economist in the AEA's on-line directory.

    Employment Links

    Job Openings for Economists
      Most complete listing of available jobs for economists. Includes listings for U.S. academic, U.S. non-academic, and foreign positions.
    Chronicle of Higher Education
      The Chronicle's job listings are restricted to academic positions.
    Data Links Econometric Links

    Data Links

    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
      This site provides many years of data on the banking industry in the U.S. at both the national and state level. There is also an on-line periodical which discusses current trends in the banking sector, as well as regulatory information.

    Bureau of Labor Statistics
      This web site provides primarily wage and employment data for the U.S. at both the national and state level. Their query selection makes the data easy to obtain.

    St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank FRED Database
      This site is practically a one-stop shopping site for U.S. macro data. Data is available for interest rates, various price indices, and gross domestic product, as well as many other series. A complete listing is far too long, so check this one out.

    NBER Data
      The National Bureau of Economic Research's macro data archive. Most of their macro data can be obtained through FRED, but they do offer very old time-series of several variables that I have yet to see elsewhere.

    Bureau of the Census
      This site provides data obtained from the decennial census at both the national and regional level. Many data series offered by the Bureau of the Census is more current than the decennial Census, but the Census is their bread and butter.

    Commerce Department Data
      Various data series are available here.

    Bureau of Economic Analysis
      This site contains national, international, and regional income accounting data. There is not a whole lot of data available here, but many of their series can be obtained at the county and MSA level.

    Congressional Budget Office
      The CBO's web site contains information on federal tax liabilities and the federal budget, as well as providing budget outlooks for future fiscal years.

    UVA Data Center
      This is the University of Virginia's Geospatial and statistical data center.

    Stock Prices from the New York Stock Exchange
      Many stock prices are available here free of charge.

    Current Population Survey
      This site contains detailed and current data on the population in the U.S. as well as providing projections for the future.

    Panel Study of Income Dynamics
      University of Michigan's data set examining individual income and characteristics over time.

    Statistical Abstract of the United States
      The Statistical Abstract contains a plethora of historical data. The older hard-copy versions are also avaiable in electronic format.

    National Center for Education Statistics
      This site contains a plethora of data on secondary and post-secondary education characteristics. Several surveys undertaken by NCES are also available here.

    Limdep Manual
      Link to the on-line manual for Limdep 7.0.

      The official Gauss homepage with sample programs.

      SAS Homepage

    Econometric Views
      Product information and sample programs for EViews.

    Econometric Resources on the Internet (John Kane)
      This is the undoubtedly the best sites out there. If John Kane does not have the information on his site then he has a link to it. A must see.

    Econometric Links
    Location of Site in [Brackets]

    Related Software lists:

    Christian Zimmerman's list of Quantitative Macro and RBC Software [CA]
    Includes links to newsgroups and codes
    Software resources list of Journal of Finance [US] 
    Part of the well visited Finance Site List of the Journal of Finance
    Alan Isaac's list of Software for Economists [US]
    With special tips for American University students. Extensive, but not frequently updated
    Comparison of mathematical programs for data analysis [DE] 
    Recently (4/99) updated page by Stefan Steinhaus on Gauss, Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, Ox, R, S-Plus and more
    Mike Conlon's WWW virtual library of Statistics at UFL [US] list of statistical software.
    Not frequently updated!
    John Kane's list of Econometric Software [US]
    Extensive. Accompanies forthcoming Econometrics Textbook
    Daniel Morillo's list of Econometric Software [US]
    Includes more freeware alternatives. Previously maintained by Walter Sosa
    G.A.S.P. Globally Accessible Statistical Procedures (i.c. via WWW) [US]
    Richard Tucker's list of Specialized Econometric Software [US]
    Includes software for Political Methodology: spatial statistics, multi-level modeling and covariance structures, qualitative data.


    Resources for:

    1. Introduction
    2. Statistical Foundations
    3. Estimators and Distributions
    4. Bivariate Regression Model
    5. Hypothesis Testing
    6. Multiple Regression Model
    7. Hypothesis Testing in the Multiple Regression Model
    8. Functional Form I: Linearity
    9. Functional Form II: Further topics
    10. Specification and Measurement Error
    11. Multicollinearity
    12. Autocorrelation
    13. Heteroskedasticity
    14. Limited Dependent Variables
    15. Systems of Equations
    16. Distributed lag models
    17. Random walks, unit roots, and cointegration
    18. ARIMA Models


    Genealogy Links


    Top 100 Genealogy Sites 

    Resources for Military Families

    How to Travel to Find Your Roots

    Genealogy and the Law


    A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Family Tree Online

    Military Indexes



    From John Kane's Homepage

    Useful links:


    Glossaries of statistical and econometric terms
    These sites are useful places to visit if you run across unfamiliar statistical terms while conducting your research.


    Econometric research resources
    This page contains useful links for students conducting econometric projects.


    Econometric software
    A set of links to econometric software vendors and support information. Among other links, the entire LIMDEP 7.0 manual is available online (in a variety of formats).


    The Junk Science Home Page
    This site contains description of what the author describes as "junk science." While this page seems to be a bit biased in that it primarily contains descriptions of the misuse of statistics by health care agencies, environmental groups, etc., it does provide some interesting examples of poor statistical practices.


    Second Moment
    This web site provides online articles related to statistical analysis as well as an annotated collection oF links to online statistical resources.


    A statistical package consisting of a collection of Java applets. A student edition that allows the estimation of models with up to 10 variables and 100 observations may be accessed over the internet or may be downloaded for free from this site.


    StatSoft Electronic Textbook
    This online statistics textbooks provides a nice summary of a wide variety of statistical and econometric topics.
    Data sources
    A wide variety of links to online data sources are available. Choose this option to find links to data sites (listed by type of data).


    Economic associations
    A growing number of economic associations are on the internet. Use these sites to find information about professional meetings, information about journals published by these associations, and links to other economics sites.
    Economic institutes and research organizations
    The listing of economic institutes and research organizations provides a description of the work done by these organizations. Many of these sites contain data sources and information about current research projects.


    Economic journals
    This is one of the most extensive lists of economic journals on the web. These journal sites often contain table of contents, article abstracts, and occasionally the complete text of selected journal articles.


    Economic working papers
    These sites may be visited to discover current research work conducted on a variety of economic and econometric topics.


    Econometric software
    A set of links to econometric software vendors and support information. Among other links, the entire LIMDEP 7.0 manual is available online (in a variety of formats).


    Federal and state government sites
    This provides links to an extensive list of U.S. federal and state government agencies. Information about current economic and social statistics, ongoing research, government publications, and data sources can be found at many of these sites. (CD-ROMS containing many large data sets can be purchased online from the GPO.)


    International agencies
    Links to many international agencies can be used to locate information about current research, current international statistics, and online data sources.


    Economics and econometrics related newsgroups
    These newsgroups can be used to find information on statistical packages, data sources, and related information.


    Other econometric resource pages
    Visit other sites on the web that contain links to econometric resources.


    Back to Wohar

    For (Young) Economists

    Ranking of the Economics Journals, Economics Departments and Economists

    Recipes for Publication

    Job Openings

    Media Guide for Economists

    The magic of eigenvalues...

    Tacoma Bridge Disaster

    Why would you be a grad student in economics...

    Or in science in general...

    Science Babe

    How to write a scientific paper







    Epistemes (in Italian)
    noiseFromAmeriKa (in Italian)
    Phastidio (in Italian)

    Macroeconomic Material


    JP Morgan Research Economic Weekly and Data Calendar
    Here you will find a very useful weekly update on the state of the economy (pdf format).



    Links to Data Releases:

    Bureau of Economic Analysis   (GDP, Income, International Trade, Balance of Payments, Regional Data)

    Bureau of Labor Statistics   (Employment, CPI, PPI, ECI)

    Federal Reserve Board   (Industrial Production, Interest Rates, Exchange Rates, Flow of Funds)

    Census Bureau   (Retail Sales, Inventories, Durable Goods Orders, Housing Starts, New Home Sales)

    National Association of Purchasing Management    (Reports on Business)

    National Association of Realtors   (Exisiting Home Sales, Home Price Data)

    Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (Historical Data for Major Macroeconomic Time Series)

    Bank One Research: US Economic Data Analysis

    Macroeconometric Model Sites:

    Macroeconomic Advisers

    Ray Fair's On-Line Macroeconometric Model

    San Francisco Fed Review Article on BVAR Forecasting Model for Real GDP Growth

    BVAR Model Forecast Table

    Other Interesting Sites:

    Economic Report of the President, January 2001 (direct link)

    Economic Report of the President, February 2000 (direct link)

    Council of Economic Advisers: Economic Indicators and other publications

    Iowa Electronic Futures Market   (Futures Contracts for Election Outcomes)



    Data and Information to Start your Day


      1. Nouriel Roubini's terrific web page. You have to register, but it's worth it. Lot's of great macro and international material.
      2. The Economists' Voice contains articles and commentaries on current economic events.
      3. Economic Statistics Briefing Room is a friendly and fun interface providing the latest information on a wide variety of economic data, presented in both charts and tables.
      4. The Economic Report of the President is a searchable index containing all the reports and data published annually by the Council of Economic Advisors each January. Here is the White House's "Economic Security" page.
      5. Professor John A. Shaw has produced an up-to-date and attractive presentation of U.S. and international economic data.
      6. News releases from the Bureau of Labor Statistics discuss and report recent data on labor markets and consumer and producer price indexes, among other data. A broader set of data is available in searchable form from the BLS Data Bank .
      7. The Bureau of Economic Analysis home page contains press releases and recent data on Gross Domestic Product, Personal Income, and U.S. International Transactions, among other data series.
      8. U.S. Business Cycle Indicators contains a lot of common data series, along with graphs of the series.
      9. The National Bureau of Economic Research page contains some historical data (including the NBER's official business cycle dates) and a summary of some recent research.
      10. Federal Reserve Board Statistical Releases include recent data on interest rates, monetary and reserves aggregates, exchange rates, industrial production, capacity utilization, and commercial banking. Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) minutes, including policy directives, are also available. Here is the main Federal Reserve Board  web page.
      11. A broad set of recent and historical macro data is available from the St. Louis Fed's Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) .
      12. Purposes and Functions of the Federal Reserve System is a book-length overview of the Federal Reserve System, including its roles in monetary policy, financial supervision and regulation, and consumer affairs.
      13. You can use this link to connect to any of the 12 Regional Federal Reserve Banks .
      14. The Center for the Study of Central Banks contains a huge variety of information about central banking around the world, including an alphabetical list of those central banks (though several of the links don't work).
      15. The Brookings Institution publishes high-quality policy studies. This is a list of research topics covered. Peter Orszag and William Gale write extensively about fiscal policy issues.
      16. The Congressional Budget Office contains analysis and forecasts of Federal government budget deficits as well as a variety of studies about fiscal policy and social security, among other topics.
      17. The Department of the Treasury reports to the penny the public debt of the United States, along with the interest cost of the debt and historical debt series back to 1791.
      18. The National Budget Simulator is a nifty site where you can run various policy experiments to check their effects on the Federal deficit.
      19. The U.S. Census Bureau publishes social, demographic, and economic information.
      20. The Library of Congress' Thomas service posts and tracks legislation pending in the U.S. Congress.
      21. You can obtain free on-line use of The New York Times and use their search engine to find recent articles published by The Times.
      22. The Washington Post is also available free on line.
      23. The Economist is probably the best weekly news magazine for economic analysis.

    Large Amount of Economic and Finance Data

    For Euro Option Pricing see Below

    Link 1

    Link 2

    British Bankers Association


  • Financial links.
  • Modeling, Quantitative Techniques, Systems, and Applied Statistics.
  • Other
  • For all of the above and for over 2500 web's best resources on finance, business, e-business and 1000+ articles,
  •                 See Link 3

    Starting Points For Research and Students of Economics

                   Econometrics Links                              Bos Site  (More data than you can comprehend)

               (Comparison of International Data)

                Finance Data from Jeremy Siegel's Homepage

                NAEP First Nationwide assessment in economics of seniors (2006)

                Researcher ID                        YouTube

                Institute for the study of Labor

                Cabell Publishing Company (for information on journals: ONLY AVAILABLE INTERNAL USE AT UNO/CBA)

                Economics for College Students (FAQ) From American Economic Association

                   Gauss Resources                                    Economic Departments on the Web

                    TOP downloaded Articles on the Web         Radio Interviews with Economists

                Technical Analysis of Stocks               Channel 16 PBS

                   The Well Read Economist                    World Bank Data

                   Advise for Economic Students                Fama and French

                    Free Podcast Intervriews with Economists

           Research Sources

                         Research Archiv

                     Math and Greek Symbols (1)                    Math and Greek Symbols (2)

                        Math and Greek Symbols (3)                Economic Glossary From A-Z

                    University Homepages                            Urban Institute

                    Economic Resources for University and College Teaching

                    Resources for Economists on the Web     Economic Departments by Continent

                   Universities Sorted By State In US         Top Econ Departments

                   Eviews Resources                                 Search For Working Papers

                   Finance Links                                        International Data

                  Working Paper Archivs at St. Louis    Asian Financial Crisis

                  Resources For Economists                   Other Interesting Links

                  Finance: WWW Virtual Library          American Economic Assoc. of Members

                 Economic Departments, Institutes, Research Centers Around the World (EDIRC)

                 EDIRC (statistical Offices)                   EDIRC (Central Banks, Monetary Authority)

                 Economic Links                                        Economic Education (Kim Sosin--UNO)

                Ask Dr. Econ Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

                 Academic Economic Dept. in the World        Bill Goffe's Resources

                Economists With Web Pages                  The Information Economy (Hal Varian)

                Economic History Service                     Job Oppenings for Economists (JOE)

                Library of Congress                                Legislative Info from Lib. of Congress

               NSF                                                           NABE         NBER    NBER REPORTER ONLINE

              Inomics (internet site for economists)           NBER BOOKS   

              WebEc (WWW Resources in Economics)  NBER PROGRAMS

             Economic Search         Economic Social Research Council (ESRC) in the UK

            Research Institute for Public Policy and Management (Keele University)

            Other Interesting Links (Hal Varian)         Searchable Resources for Economists

            WebEc: WWW Resources for Economists                 MIT Links

            Resources From University of Michigan                     Chicago Links

            Yahoo (social Sciences--Economics)                    Brad DeLong's Homepage (Berkeley)

            Washington Univ. (St. Louis) Resources Gopher     CBA MBA Newsletter

            Great Economists and Their Times                   Small Business Assoc. (office of Advocacy)

            Top 50 Freeware Programs                                        Wall Street Research Net

            *International Directory of Finance and Economic Professionals

          *International Directory of Finance and Economic Professionals 2

           Plagerism Homepage                                            Veitch's Sites

             *Economic Data and Links (AWARD WINNING!!)

            * Macro Economists Homepages            Economic Policy Institute

            State Of Working American (EPI0

                                                                Economic Policy Institute SnapShots

            Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences        DISMAL (the site with so much econ!!)

                                               Dr. T. ECONLINKS

   (Who's Who)

            Find Research Economists

           UNCOVER (Search for articles)  CBA IT SUPPORT

               Finding If A Student Copied

               World Wide Web Resources in Economics

                Learning and Teaching Support Center for Economics

                Resources for Economists (Vast amount of useful links)\

                Nobel Prize Winners in Economics

                ECONLIT                                     JSTOR (Economics)

                Athens Laboratory of Bus. Admin.

                Alan Stockman's Links (U of Rochester)

                INOMICS (Internet Site for economists)

                Dr. T's Econ Links                         Research Tools

                Social Citation Index                     Dictionary

               Glosseries on the Web                     Schools of Thought

                ARGMAX (Economic Data and Misc.)   

       (Tool Kit)         Great Questions in Economics

                    Economics WebLog                                 Economics Library (with definitions)

                    Ask Dr. Econ                                         Great Economists and their Times

                   Foundation for Economic Education

                Resources in Business Education        Fed In Print

                Center for Policy Analysis

                Durham University Library           

                Links for Economists (Prof. Beissinger) ***

                    Community of Science (COS) Funding

                    Business Glossary Index   

                The Economists' Voice                        MSN Money

                Nobel Prize Winners                American Institute for Economic Research   (AIER)  

                      KVISTA Free resources on Business, e-business, Education and Articles

                        Fed of Cleveland (On Reserve)                    Econometrics Journal (on line)

                                      New Palgrave Dictionary

                        Economics Roundtable                    ECONRT.COM

                   ECON Ph.D. Net

                     ABI INFORM AND FIRST SEARCH                 

                Economic And Social Research Council              Experimental Economics

               Dr. T's Econlinks                                                    ECONOMIC SEARCH

               Economists with Web Pages                 ABOUT ECONOMICS

              Alan Stockman's Link Page (very good)        Nobel Prize Winners

               Paul Krugman's Homepage                        NBER Directory

               CEPR Directory                                          Econometric Society Directory

                AEA Directory                                             EDWALD (Domain Server)

                    CARMA-VCU Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis

                Course Readings for Educators (Fed of New York)

                Writing Style Guide from the Economist

                    The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics

                    The Library of Economics and Liberty (Econlib--Books, data, podcasts, etc.)

                Faculty Survey Homepage    Welcome to JSTOR    Welcome to EconWeb

                Web of Science SSCI            Ideas RepEc    Dismal Scienctist: Data for the world

                Statistics, Econometrics and Forecasting    FedStats: One stop shoping for Federal Statistics

                Mathworks homepage    MATLAB Code    Maps on Us

                National Center for Econometric Research

                Bank of England                    Bank of England Publications

        The Geography of a Recession (Dynamically Changing Unemployment Rates Across the US)

    Federal Reserve Banks and Their Publications




    Federal Reserve Corner

    The Federal Reserve Today

    The Federal Reserve Video_1

    The Federal Reserve Video_2

    Chronology of important Economic and Political Events in Emerging Markets

    Learn Finance

    Federal Reserve Board of Governors

    Bureau of Labor Statistics






    Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

    1. Economic Review

    2. EconSouth


    Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

    1. Bank Notes                                             7. New England Public Policy Center Working Papers

    2. Monthly Mutual Fund Report                 8. New England Economic Review (Discontinued)

    3. New England Economic Indicators          9. New England Fiscal Facts   (Discontinued) 

    4. Research Review                                     10. Public Policy Discussion Papers

    5. Stock Market Report                              11. Conferences Proceedings

    6. Working Papers                                      12.  The Ledger


    Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

    1. Economic Perspectives                 2. Chicago Fed Letter

    3. Working Papers                           4. The 12 Days of Christmas      



    Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

    1. Economic Commentary                 2. Beige Book

    3. Economic Trends index page         4. Economic Review archive (stopped in 2001)

    5. Policy Discussion Papers               6. Working Papers

    7. Working Papers archive                8. Policy Discussion Papers (current)

    9. Recent Research                           10. Conference Summaries

    11. Conferences and Workshops       12. The Forefront (2011)


    Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

    1. Economic Letter         5. Business Frontiers (1998-2004)

    2. Southwest Economy   6. Economic and Financial Policy Review (2001-2005)

    3. Expand Your Insight (EYI)  7.  Economic and Financial Review (1999-2001)

    4. Working Papers          8. Economic Review (1989-1999)

    9. Financial Industry Studies (1995-199

    10. Economic Insights Archiv



    Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

    1. Economic Review

    2. Research Working Papers

    3. FRBKC Symposium Proceedings

    4. The Main Street Economist

    5. TEN




    Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

    1. The Region                                    4. Quarterly Review Publication List

    2. Fedgazette                                      5. Community Dividend

    3. Annual Report Essays                    6. Banking and Policy Studies Working Papers


    Federal Reserve Bank of New York

    1. Main Homepage of NY Fed

    2. Economic Policy Review 2006

    3. Current Issues in Economics and Finance

    4. Staff Reports / Research Papers

    5. Research Update

    6. National Economic Indicators (Charts and Figures on Key Economic Variables (updated weekly)

    7. Regional Economic Indictors (Charts and Figures on Key Economic Variables (updated regularly)

    8. Global Economic Indicators (Charts and Figures updated regurlarly)

    9. Capital Markets

    10. Banking Research

    11. Research Publications

    12. List of Economists at NY Fed with contact information

    13. Videos

    14. Blog of NY Fed

    15. Liberty Street Economics Blog


    Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

    1. Banking Legislation and Policy            2. Conferences

    3. Business Outlook Survey                     4. Business Review

    5. Working Papers                                   5. News Room


    Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

    1. Economic Quarterly

    2. Working Papers

    3. Region Focus


    Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

    1. Working Papers Series on Basic Economic Research

    2. Economic Letter

    3. Fed in Print

    4. 2005 FRBSF Economic Review Index

    5. Fedviews

    6. US Monetary Policy: An Introduction

    7. Ask Dr. Econ

    8. Speeches by President and CEO Jannet Yellen






    Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

    1. Review                                                    6. National Economic Trends

    2. Regional Economic Development            7. International Economic Trends

    3. The Regional Economist                         8. International Economic Trends - Annual Edition

    4. U.S. Financial Data                                 9. Economics in Plain English

    5. Monetary Trends                        10. Publications and Data

    11. Synopses

    Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute

    Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

    1. Staff Studies

    2. Working Papers

    3. Federal Reserve Bulletin


            Federal Reserve Speeches



    Bank of England Publications


            Nelson Mark's (at Notre Dame) Recommendations for Fed Challenge Resources

    Business conditions, Fed Challenge web resources







    1. Economic Indicators Archive WSJ This is a great site
    2. Greg Mankiw's Blog


    1. Bloomberg News. Another great site.


    1. Financial Forecast Center: Forecasts and Data!  This is a great site.


    1. RGE Monitor You may need to use my id and password.


    1. EconBrowser. Menzie Chinn and Jim Hamilton’s Econ Blog.


    1. Dismal Scientist Economic Indicators and Analysis:   to read the articles/analysis you need a subscription.


    1. The Economist


    1. The Financial Times


    1. Forex Street. The Foreign Exchange Market


    1. Brad DeLong's Website Home Page.


    1. Global Insight


    1. Wall Street Journal


    1. Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia: Survey of Professional Forecasters






    1. The Federal Reserve System Purposes and Functions.
    2. Fed Challenge Brief (overview) Fed Challenge Handbook


    1. Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia: Greenbook Data Sets


    1. Master Link to each of the district FRBs and the Board


    1. Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia: Livingston Survey


    1. Past FOMC Statements




    1. Economic Time Series from Economagic


    1. FRED


    1. Joint Economic Committee page on Federal Reserve Policy, Inflation, & Inflation Targeting


    1. IMF -- International Monetary Fund Home Page


    1. U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) - Home Page


    1. FRB: Beige Book


    1. NBER Links to Other Resources for Economists


    1. College Fed Challenge Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago






    From Menzie Chinn


    News Reports


    News Sources

    Tracking the Crisis and Recession

    Weblogs and Perspectives

    Economics and Economic Policy Links

    International Organizations

    U.S. Government Agencies

    Current and Historical Data






    Ranking of Departments and Journals

        UT Dallas Ranking of Business Journal

        Web of Knowledge Journal Ranking



            Ranking of Economists and Department

              Academic Ranking of World's Top 500 Universities (2005)

              TOP 500 ECONOMISTS             Economists On the Web

                Ranking of Economists                1000 Top Economists and Departments999

                  World Rankings of Economists and Dept.

                Top 25 Journal Articles

                Ranking of Economic Departments             Top Economists

                Ranking of Business Schools According to SSRN downloads

                Fama-Miller Center (SSRN)

                Top Business Schools (US News and World Report)

                Top Graduate Schools (all areas) US News

                Top Economic Departments (US News)

               Faculty Research by Department (Ranking)

                Ranking of Marketing Journals

              Peer Review and Beauty Contest of Economic Journals

                    Thomson Journal Citation Report

                Top 1000 Economists sorted by citation count 1975-2000

    Real Estate

    Housing Price Indexes

       OFHEO site            Case Shiller Link        Case Shiller Link for MSA-level Indexes

            Continuation of Real Estate

    Tools for Answering Real Estate Questions      Nationwide (Mortage Information and Resources)

      Real Estate Center (Texas A&M)




    Data etc.





        ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium For Political and Social Research)

     General Resources

     U. S. Federal Reserve System

     Money, Banking, and Financial Markets

     Personal Finance

     Brokerage FIrms

     Mutual Funds

     U.S. Government Macroeconomic Data

     Other Sources of U.S. Macroeconomic Data

     U.S. Regional Data

     Macroeconomic Models

     U.S. Microeconomic Data


     Other Central Banks, Treasuries, etc.

     Professional Societies


     Major Economic Policy "Think Tanks"


     Newspapers and Magazines

     Working Paper Archives

     Connecticut Data



    Economic Links


    Penn-World Tables


    European Union

    Office of National Statistics

    Bureau of Labor Statistics

    Bureau of Economic Analysis

    Statistics Canada

    U.S. Business Cycles Indicators


    United Nations




    World Bank (Research)

    IMF (Research)

    Oxford's Nuffield College

    Resources for Economists on the Internet

    The Conference Board


    News (Also provides The Dismal Scientist)

    Thematic News Articles by John Sloman

    Dr T's Economic Links

    Credit Score’s Guide to

    Economics Resources

    Ed Yardeni's Page

    Bank of England

    European Central Bank

    Federal Reserve Board

    Bank of Japan

    Bank for International Settlements

    NY Fed

    The Economist (Country Briefings)


    Stephen Roach at MSDW



    Giancarlo Corsetti

    Brad DeLong

    Jordi Gali

    Paul Krugman

    Nouriel Roubini

    Helene Rey

    Gilles Saint-Paul

    Xavier Sala-i-Martin

    Harald Uhlig

    Jaume Ventura

    Romain Wacziarg

    Robert Gordon


    Economics Departments

    Princeton (IES)


    MIT (Sloan)

    NYU (Stern)

    Chicago (GSB)

    U Penn (Wharton)

    Berkeley (Haas)

    Columbia (BS)







    Investment and Consumer Information

    International Bank Rate Deposit Exchange  

    The above URL is a free site providing US and international bank interest rate

    data, currency and risk research information. In particular it provides

    information on the major institutions in the US which you can compare to

    North America which i think is interesting since you can compare the US to

    Canada and Mexico


    Virtual Stock Exchange You can practice investing in the stock market for free, and see how you would do.  The site is also planning to offer access to pay-to-play competitions where you can win money.  Found by Jean Jasmine O. Sevilla.


    Motley Fool This well-known site has investment news and easy-to-understand advice.  Found by Fernando Meza.

  This page will help you find the best interest rate for a credit card, auto loan, or mortgage.  There are also different financial calculators.  For example, you can calculate payments on an auto loan, calculate payments to get rid of credit card debt, find the cost of raising a child, or figure out how long it will take you to become a millionaire.  Found by Krysia Salagaj.


    X-rates Use the currency calculator on the left-hand side of the page to convert one country's money to another.  Found by Jackeline Gonzalez.


    Fuel Economy Find the cheapest gas in L.A. (or anywhere else in the U.S.) Also, you can compare miles per gallon for different cars.  Found by Aram Khachoyan. 


    Investing On Line Some basic information about investing online.  

    ·  Card Hub

    As named by the non-profit group Consumer Action, Card Hub is one of the nation’s leading credit card resources. It maintains the Web’s largest database of credit card offers, which allows consumers to sort and compare more than 1,000 different cards in order to find the best terms for their individual needs. It is a free site that also offers an extensive education center and provides analysis on current events within the personal finance industry.


    Public Policy and Political Economy 

    U.S. National Debt Clock   A clock that shows the national debt along with the amount the U.S. government has spent since  you've logged onto the page.  If you go to the bottom of the page and click on "other clocks" you can get to a clock that keeps track of different crimes. 


    Drug War Facts This page looks boring at first, but there's a lot of interesting information here.


    OPEC Online Everyone's favorite cartel has something to say.    Have some oil under your backyard?  Maybe they'll let you join.


    Economics and Finance

    Pioneers in Finance: Interview with Michael C. Jensen

    Research Resources:

    ·        Resources for Economists (RFE)

    ·        National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

    ·        Econ Ph.D.

    ·        Federal Reserve Board of Governors (FED BOG)

    ·        Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

    ·        Oxford Financial Research Centre (OFRC)

    ·        Econometric Links and Resources (econometriclinks)

    ·        Math, Stats and OR Network (MSONet)

    ·        Probability Tutorials (

    ·        Worldwide Directory of Finance Faculty


    Data Resources:

    ·        Saint Louis FED Data Bank (FRED II)

    ·        Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)

    ·        United States Treasury International Capital System (TIC)

    ·        Kenneth French’s Data Bank (Fama-French Factors)


    Computational Resources:

    ·        Professor Ronald Gallant’s website (EMM, SNP, and GSM codes are available, as well as a wealth of econometric knowledge)

    ·        Free Software Foundation (fsf)

    ·        GNU

    ·        R

    ·        Kostas Kyriakoulis GMM Package.

    ·        Financial Numerical Recipes in C++

    ·        MATLAB Resources:

    §         James LeSage’s Econometric Toolbox

    §         Professor Craig Zirbel’s codes

    §         Professor Floyd Hanson’s website (a wealth of computational statistics available)


    Professional Affiliation


    ·        American Economic Association (AEA)

    ·        American Finance Association (AFA)

    ·        American Statistical Association (ASA)

    ·        The Econometric Society

    ·        Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

    ·        Western Economic Association International (WEAI)


    ·        Research Fellow, Center for Natural Hazards Research, ECU.




    Other Great Web Links

    Forecasting, data mining and complex systems analysis by GMDH approach
      Description of the inductive Group Method of Data Handling approach (GMDH), Kiev, Ukraine
    ( )
      An economics education web site for instructors of all levels
    ( )
    Economics at
      A guided tour of economics-related web sites, and regular columns and discussion forums
    ( )
    Econometrics Laboratory Software Archive
      Links to econometrics data sets and software from the University of California at Berkeley
    ( )
    An Introduction to Classical Econometric Theory
      Provides excerpts from Paul Ruud's textbook, data sets, MATLAB code, exercise solutions, and answers to frequent questions
    ( )
    Econometrics Laboratory- UC Berkeley
      Website for TSP software and 2000 Nobel Prize Winner Daniel McFadden
    ( )
    University of Virginia: GEOSTAT
      State & county level variables from the University of Virginia
    ( )
    University of Oregon Government Information Sharing Project
      Access to national, state and county demographic and economic information
    ( )
    EDIRC: Econometric institutes, departments and associations
      A directory of economics departments and organizations around the world
    ( )
    Journal of Applied Econometrics
      The resource site for the journal. Links to online abstracts and full papers, and to archived data sets
    ( )
    Econometric Theory
      Website for the Journal
    ( )
    Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics
      MIT-press journal
    ( )
    WebEc - World Wide Web Resources in Economics
      A large list of links to web-based economics resources
    ( )
    Bureau of Labor Statistics
      The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.
    ( )
    American Economic Association
      Resources for Economists. Page for AEA Journals
    ( )
    American Stock Exchange
      News and market information from the American Stock Exchange
    ( )
    Bureau of Economic Analysis
      Economic Information from the US Department of Commerce
    ( )
    The Econometrics Journal
      Website for the Econometrics Journal from the Royal Economic Society
    ( )
    Bureau of the Census Data Extraction Service
      A tool for extracting data records and fields from public-information data files. The system produces custom extracts in various data file formats
    ( )
    The Dismal Scientist
      Includes timely economic data and analysis, and articles on the latest economic happenings
    ( )
    Econometric Society
      International Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory in its Relation to Statistics and Mathematics
    ( )
    Economics America
      From the National Council on Economic Education. Offers many short lessons based on current events, ready for use in class
    ( )
      Information on current events, research data, and study help
    ( )
    Economic History Services
      A variety of sources for economics in history
    ( )
    Energy Information Administration (DOE)
      Economic information and data on each fuel category
    ( )
    Eviews Student Software
      Official Eviews student software website. Links and product information
    ( )
    Federal Reserve Board
      Access to Federal Economic Data from the Board of Governors of the Federal reserve
    ( )
    Econometric Links of the Econometrics Journal
      Link page about econometrics; updated often
    ( )
    San Francisco Federal Reserve
      Western regional data from the Federal Reserve
    ( )
    The Economic Report of the President (from the University of California)
      The annual Economic Report of the President of the United States
    ( )
    General Social Survey
      Data from an almost annual "omnibus," personal interview survey of U.S. households conducted by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC, 1972-)
    ( )
    Building a Homepage for Your Economics Class
      An article from the Journal of Economic Education which contains ideas for building interactive homepages for economics classes
    ( )
      Inforum, at the University of Maryland. Access to several hundred thousand economic time series, produced by a number U.S. Government agencies and distributed in a variety of formats and media
    ( )
    International Trade Administration
      Website of the ITA, branch of the US department of commerce. Access to trade data
    ( )
    University of Michigan Documents Center
      Access to economic data through the University of Michigan
    ( )
    National Bureau of Economic Research
      Access to business cycle and other economic data
    ( )
    The Penn World Table
      National accounts economic time series covering many countries
    ( )
    Econometric Resources on the Net
      Designed to assist econometrics students and practicing econometricians
    ( )
    Institute for Research on Poverty
      Articles and data from the IRP
    ( )
    Federal Reserve Economic Data
      A free email service from the St. Louis Fed; sends the latest updates to the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) database
    ( )
    Panel Study of Income Dynamics
      Access to family/generationally focused economic data
    ( )
    Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network
      Site from the Chief Economist and Global Investment Strategist of Deutsche Bank Securities in New York
    ( )





    Government Sources

                     Board of Governors Homepage                         Department of Commerce 

                     N.Y. Fed Points                                                   Bureau of Labor Statistics                         

                     Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (1998)               Current Population Survey                     

                     Economy at a Glance (B.L.S.)                             Government Web Sites

                    Important Early US Documents                         National Science Foundation

                    Office of the Director of Central Intelligence

                    Internal Revenue Service                                     Government Printing Office

                    Library of Congress                                              Council of Economic Advisors

                   National Academy of Sciences                            Bureau of Transportation Statistics

                    Gas Price                                        American Road and Transportation Builders

                    Nebraska Department of Roads                        National Center For Policy Analysis

    Working Papers on the Web including Conferences

        NetEc Group                         EconWPA                      Cowles Foundation papers by Robert Shiller

        Cowles Foundation papers (Author Index)                    World Bank Working papers

        On Line Discussion of Topics from the World Bank        National Bank of Belgium working papers

        Granger Centre                            AEAWeb2009ASSA Meetings

        Granger Centre For Time Series Econometrics            OECD Working Papers

        Working papers at Queen Mary College University of London

        Center For Research and Security Prices Working Papers (Chicago Bus. Sch.)

        Queen's Mary Working Papers                    European Central Bank

        Scandanavian Working Papers                    Bibliography on UIP

        Economic Policy Institute                             Bibliography on Monetary Economics

        Smart Economist                                           Tufts University   

        OECD Working Papers

        Univ. of Calif.--San Diego (dept. of Econ) Working Papers

        Other Selected Working Paper Sites            Dept. of Economics at Birkbeck College

        IMF Working Papers-                                    Erasmus University -Rotterdam

        Social Science Research Network                Working papers from Malaysia

        IDEAS                                        SSRN         Harvard Institute of Economic Research (HIER)

        Econpapers                            NBER 2006 Summer Conference


      Information about Wohar on Ideas                 CiteSeer (Search for Research)

       NBER Conference Page               Search Working Papers by Author (RePEc)                             National Bank of Belgium Working Papers

        Working Papers From Wharton     HoPEc Project (working papers regostratopm)

        George Weiss Center For International Financial Research

        Center for Economic Performance (LSE)       World Bank Papers on International Trade

        C.D. Howe Institute (Canada)        International Economic Section (Princeton Univ.)

       Bank of Canada Conferences    WoPEC (Working Papers in Economics)

        Department of Finance Canada

       EconWPA (Economics papers archives)    NBER    

       Bank of Canada Working Papers    Center For Economic Policy Research (London)

        Institute for International Economics             Bank of England Working Papers

        VIIIth Spring Meeting of Young Economists

        Unit Roots and Cointegration (2005) Conference (portugal)

        Frontiers in Time Series Analysis

        Statistical Modeling In Finance (March 24, 2006)

        Oesterreichische NationalBank

        The David Laidler Festschrift (August 18-20, 2006) London, Ontario

        NABE 2006 Conference

        National Bank of Belgium International Conference on Wage and Price Rigidity in an Open Economy

        Breaks and Persistence in Econometrics (Dec. 11-12, 2006) Center for Econometric Analysis, Cass Business School

    Download papers

    Search Jstor      CEPR Home Page   IMF Home Page Resources for economists


    IDEAS NEP   Cowles Foundation Discussion Papers

    UCSD Discussion Papers   Duke Working Papers    BC Working Papers

    Working Paper Links (Univ. of Central Florida)

    Queen's Mary                    Econometric Society Meetings

    13th Annual Utah Winter Finance Conference

    8th Annual Conference on Computational Economics

    10th annual (2004) Conference on Computations Economics and Finance

    Econometric Institute                        Australian Banking and Finance Conference

    Econometric institute 50th Year Anniversary

    BIS Working Papers                     Scandinavian Working papers in Economics

    National Bank of Belgium Working Papers

    EEA-ESEM 2004 Conference            NBER/NSF Time Series Conference (2004 at SMU)

    Federal Reserve Board: Quantitative Evidence on Price Determination (Sept. 29-30, 2005)

    Papers on the Sustainability of the Current Account Deficit

    SNDE (14 Annual Symposium of Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, Washington Univ. March 23-25, 2006)

    Web Logs


        DayPop             Econlib               

          COS Funding Alert        Marginal

        Econ            Brad Delong            Discussion of Research paper (Daily Speculation)

        Division of Labor                    Graphs from  Blogs

        Tim Schilling on Economic Education (Chicago Fed)

        Jeffrey Alan Miron Weblog

        Graphs From Blogs December 2005

         Round Tables in Finance, Economics, Politics and Law

            Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference and Social Science

            The Capital Spectator (Money, Oil, and Economics)

            Real World Economics

            Private Sector Development Blog

            Global Economic Analysis

            Greg Mankiw Blog

            Business Pundit

            The Street Light

            Globalization and the Environment

            Economist's View

            Poverty and Growth Blog

            Abortion Legalization and Crime Rates

            Tax Foundation Policy Blog



             Art Diamond's Blog

            Simon Johnson Blog

                Calculated Risk

            New Economist

            Mark Thoma's Blog

            An Economist in Paradise

            Dave Tufte's Blog

             James Hamilton's Blog

               Phil Miller (Market Power) Blog

                Craig Depkin's Blog

                The Eclectic Econoclast

                Angry Bear Blog

                Brad DeLong Homepabe

                Brad Delong Blog


                Big Data Econometrics Blog

                The Big Picture

                Macro Blog

                NewMark's Door

                Environmental Economics Blog

                Kudlow Politics

                Nouriel Roubini's Blog

                Econbrowser (Hamilton and Menzie Chinn)

                Ludwig von Mises Institute Articles Austrian Economics 

                About Economics (Michael Moffatt)

                    Stumbling and Mumbling

                    Tax Foundation Blog                   

                    The Oil Drum



    Graphs From Different Blogs

    November 2005






    Economic Development

     World Bank's Web Casting Service

    How do Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed? (Jared Diamond)

    Professor Daron Acemoglu

    World Development Report 2007: Development and the Next Generation



    Metropolitan Economic Development and Research

          Metropolitan Economic Development Association   

        Center For Economic Development (Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

        Metropolitan Center (FIU downtown Miami)

        Center for Public Affairs Research

        W.E. Upjohn Institute    Upjohn Staff

        Bureau of Business Research (UNL)

        Nebraska Department of Economic Development

        Dek Terrell

            Department of Economic Development (Missouri)

                Economic Momentum, Share and Influence


        Omaha Chamber of Commerce Data

        Economic Modeling in Economics and Finance

        Omaha Metro Data

    MBA Programs and Other Misc.

       Chicago (Graduate School of Business)     Chicago's Economics Dept.  

        MBA Matters                                                     Executive MBA Council

        MBA Programs: Search Colleges

        TOP 10 MBA Programs

    University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

    Dartmouth College (Tuck)

    University of Michigan

    Northwestern University

    University of Chicago

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Columbia University

    Harvard University

    Yale University

    University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill


    Financial Crises: 2008-2009 (Videos)

    The Crisis of Credit Visualized

    Learning from and Responding to the Financial Crisis (Part 1)

    Learning from and Responding to the Financial Crisis (Part 2)

    Economic Risks (Academic Earth)


    Business Periodicals and Web Sites for Intro Macro Class


       Business Week             The Economist        New York Times

        Archiv of Economic Articles in the Economist

        Paul Krugman's Web Site        Special Japan Page for Krugman

        More Articels By Paul Krugman        Financial Times Web Page

        Samuel Britain's Web Site                 The Asian Crises Page

        Paul Krugman on IS-LM                                  Amosweb (Mr. Economy)

        Supplemental Material for Intro to Macro (Mankiw)

    Actuarial Sciences

    Actuarial Profession Reading Lists


    Courses on the Web

    Global Economic Geography

    MIT Courses on the Web                     MIT Open CourseWare

    Course Readings for Educators (Fed of New York)

    Mathematical Methods for Economic Theory

    What is new in Econometric Time Series (Stock and Watson Lecture Notes)

    Economic and Finance Departments on the Web

    Univ. of Essex            Warwick  (Economics)  Warwick (Finance Group)

    American University's Online Masters of Economics  


       Nottingham            Durham        Tinbergen Institute

        University of South Florida (Patel Center for Solutions)

        Wright State Univ (economics) Dayton Ohio

        Cass Business School                            University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Economic Institute (University of Copenhagen)

    Univ. of Calif. San Diego                         The Wharton School (Univ. of Penn)

    University of Washington           John M. Olin School of Business (Wash. Univ. St. Louis)

    Erasmus Univ. (Rotterdam)         University of Florida (Finance)

    Georgetown University online Masters of Finance Program

    Erasmus Univ. Dept. of Financial Management (Rotterdam)

    University of Strathclyde                        Landcaster University

    University of Florida (Economics) Ohio State (Finance Dept.)    Dept. of Economics (Ohio State)

    Finance Faculty on the Web         London School  of Economics

    Directory of Economists and Finance Faculty

    University of Aarhus (Denmark)             Stockholm School of Economics

    Erasmus University Rotterdam                 MIT

    University of Oxford                    Stockholm School of Business (Dept of Finance)

    Brandeis Univ. (Grad. Sch. of Int. Ec. and Finance)

    Michigan State Univ. (Courses on the Web)

    Institute for Financial Studies (Carlson School of Management--Univ. of Minnesota)

    Cowles Foundation at Yale Univ.             Anderson School (UCLA)

    Wharton (U of Penn)                 *University of Washington (Seattle)

    *University of Pennsylvania             *Univ. Of Kentucky

    *NYU Stern School                         University of New Orleans

    Birkbeck College (London)                 Harvard Business School (Dept. of Finance)

    University of Texas-Arlington             University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Loughborough University                     University of Nottingham

    Sloan School of Management            NON-USA ECONOMIC DEPARTMENTS

    Home pages of People at NY Fed    University of Maastricht (Business)

    London Business School             Warwick University             Finance Faculty at London Bus. School.

    **Finance Dept. Faculty (London Business School)                London Bus. Sch. Finance

    Chicago Graduate School of Business           Helsinki School of Economics

    Operations Research and Financial Engineering (Princeton Univ.)

    University of Central Florida (Dept. of Economics)

    School of Banking and Finance (Sydney Australia)

    University of Malaysia                             University of Maryland (Finance)

    Australian National University: School of Finance and Applied Statistics

    University of Copenhagen             Finance and Economics Programs in North America

    University of Rotterdam for Finance            University of Texas-Austin

    University of London (Finance Programs)        City University Business School

    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign            University of Edinburgh

    Iowa State Univ        Univ. of Illinois-Urbana        Staff at Cardiff Business School

    Faculty in Economics at NYU            University of Michigan

    University of Nottingham                    NYU Stern School Solomon Center

    University of Virginia (Batten Institute)   

    LSE London School of Economics (Economics)

    Institute of Business and Economic Research (U of California, Berkeley)

    University of Crete                        George Washington University (Dept. of Economics)


    Lecture Notes and Text Books On Line

    Microeconomics, Mathematics, Macroeconomics,Econometrics, Software Tutorials

    Textbooks in the above areas

    Lecture Notes online (stanford)

    Free Internet Business Books

    Economics Textbooks on Line

    The Joy of Economics: Making Sense out of Life by Stonebraker

    Quantitative Methods for Public Policy

    Introduction to Economic Analysis (R. Preston McAfee; California Institute of Technology)

    On Line Economic Textbooks

    What is New In Time Series (NBER summer Institute)

    What is New In Panel Methods (NBER summer Institute)

    R Software Cryer and Chan

    Time Series with R Cowpertwait

    Real Time Data and Survey Data

    Real Time Data for MacroEconomists                                  Survey of Professional Forecasters

    Greenbook Dataset                                                            Livingston Survey Data


    Economic Report of the President

    Ec Report 2006

    U.S. Macroeconomic Data and Charts

    Chart Maker (Ted Bos)                                                        The Dismal Scientist

    Economic Statistics Briefing Room                                      The Mortgage Mart                     

    Quick Slide Show on US Economy (Dallas Fed)                Historical Statistics of the US (Colonial Times to 1970)

    Release Dates for Economic Statistics                                 FRED Data Page (St. Louis Fed)

    Indicators and Releases (NBER)                                         FRED II

    Trimmed Mean Inflation Rate (Dallas Fed)

    Economic Report of the President                                       Economic Time Series Page

    Economic Report of the President 2002                   Frequently Asked Questions about the CPI

    How BLS measures Price Changes                         Economic and Financial Conditions (Charts NY Fed)

    Bureau of Economic Analysis                                               Stat USA

    US Commerce Dept. on Economics and Business                 Conference Board

    Council of Economic Advisors                                              State of the Economy

     BankAmerica Homepage                                       US and Global Charts (updated every Wed.)

    US Unemployment (Moving cross section of US  States Over Time)

    NIPA Data                                     Gross Product by Industry

    Miningco                 NBER Data            NBER MACRO HISTORY DATA BASE

    FedStats   (Search)             FedStats (Fast Facts)

    Search for Citibase Series Codes                    ECONOMAGIC (Data and Graphs)

    Economic Insight (Current Macro Data)       Links to Macro Data (NABE)

    Fedstats                     Conference Board         BEA         Federal Register

    Reports of CIA             Economic Data and Other Links

    Macroeconomic Tutorials (Mandred Gartner)             Morgan Stanley Global Economic Forum

    Employment Report, CPI, PPI, Employment Cost Index, Productivity Costs

    Leading Economic Indicators             Consumer Confidence Index

    QM and RBC Data                             US Data From Dallas Fed

    United States Historical Census Data            BankOne Research Data Analysis

    National Assoc. of Purchasing Management      

    Slide Show on US Economy (Dallas Fed)        Expand Your Insight (Dallas Fed)

    US and Global Charts (NY Fed)

     Econ Data and Link's

    Economic Research and Data Sets 

    Resources for Economists on the Internet Provides links to data sources and research.  Found by Toby Reyes.


    Economagic A great source for data.  If you subscribe, you can download data in Excel spreadsheets.  A regular “level 1” subscription is $10 for 8 weeks.


    Bureau of Labor Statistics Tons of data paid for by your tax dollars.  Found by Michael Sudjati.


    WebEc Gives links to resources concerning every branch of economics you can imagine, and some you can't imagine.

  Has a large number of links to data sources, organized by type of data.


    Dismal Science Provides current economic news and statistics.  Found by Jamie Neri.


    Mansfield University Econ Provides links to a wide variety of economic data.


    San Fernando Valley Economics Research Center This center, housed in the California State University-Northridge Economics Department, provides data and analysis concerning the San Fernando Valley economy.  Found by Cristina Banas.


    Valley of the Stars Gives economic data for the San Fernando Valley.  Found by Danielle King.


    Economics of Networks Rated one of the top 5 sites by The Economist magazine.  This site has information on the economics of computer networks as well as detailed information about the Microsoft antitrust case.  Found by Sarah Oganesyan.




    More Data For Research

        US and International Data From D.J.C. Smant (Erasmus Univ. Rotterdam)


    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Bank Data and Statistics:

    Federal Reserve Board, Economic Research and Data:

    U.S. Census Bureau, Home Page:

    U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis:

    U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration:

    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Center for Health Statistics:

    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Data Sets:

    U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    U.S. Department of Transportation, TranStats:

    U.S. Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Tax Statistics:

    Rockefeller Institute of Government, State and Local Fiscal Data:

    American Economic Association, Resources for Economists:

    American Statistical Association, Business and Economic Statistics:

    American Statistical Association, Statistics in Sports:

    European Central Bank, Statistics:

    World Bank, Data and Statistics:

    + Monetary Fund, Statistical Topics:

    International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook:

    Penn World Tables:

    Current Population Survey:

    Consumer Expenditure Survey:

    Survey of Consumer Finances:

    City and County Data Book:

    Panel Study of Income Dynamics:

    National Longitudinal Surveys:

    National Association of Home Builders, Economic and Housing Data:

    National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics:






    US Data 

    Economic Statistics Briefing Room (Whitehouse) 

    Federal Reserve System Beige Book

    Government Information Sharing Project

    National Bureau of Economic Research

    Panel Study of US individuals and families

    The Federal Web Locator

    American Stock Exchange

    Bureau of Economic Analysis

    Business Cycle Indicators

    CIA World Fact book

    Energy Information Administration (DOE)

    FRED Database

    International Trade Administration

    Bureau of Labor Statistics

    US Census Bureau Homepage

    General Social Survey

    Institute for Research on Poverty

    Social Security Administration

          Data and Data Archives

    Santa Fe Time Series                                 University of Essex (Data Archiv)

    University of Maryland (EconData)          EuroStat (Statistical Office of EU)

    Financial Data Finder                                 Global Financial Data

    NYSE                                                        Lots of Data from Univ. of Notre Dame

    StatLib (Carnegie-Mellon)                         Agribiz (Agricultural Data)

    Vienna Institute Database                           Federal Reserve of St. Louis

    Data on the Web (Univ. of Michigan)         Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (1998)  

    Global Financial Data (Purchase International Data)

    NBER Databank                                            Economic Data and Links

    Econ Data at Univ. of Maryland                    Search for Social Science Data (UCSD)

    Social Science Data on the Web (UCSD) (New Soc-Sci Data)    Data Archiv (UCSD)

    ICPSR (UCSD)              UCSD Databases         Data at Stanford          

    JMCB DATA                    Shaw's Economic Data                 BLS Data Link

    Links to GDP, Personal Income and Trade Data               

    Historical Economic Data                 Global Stock Market Data, interest rates, and inflation back to 1700


    Database: The Groningen Growth and Development Centre is a research group of economists and economic historians

    at the Economics Department of the University of Groningen.'

    - Total Economy Database

    - 10 Sector Database

    - Industry Growth Accounting Database

    - GGDC Working Papers



    IFS Data                                  

    Econometric Datasets

    Data Archiv for Economic Journal

    Data Archiv (JMCB)

    Journal of Applied Econometrics Archiv

    Statib JASA Archiv

    Econometrics  Laboratory (Data Archiv)

    Data providers:

  • NBER Online Data
  • The Panel Study of Income Dynamics PSID


  • Journal of Applied Econometrics Data Archive


    Collections of data links:


  • William A. Barnett's recommendations (with data, programs etc.)
  • EML Data Sources Econometrics Lab, U.C. Berkeley
  • Hussman Econometrics data site
  • The Financial Data Finder (Ohio State University)
  • Downloadable Data (interest and forex data, stock markets)
  • Economic Growth Data Sets
  • WebEc Economics Data


    Other textbooks:

  • Carlo Favero (2001), Applied Macroeconometrics, Oxford University Press.
  • Philip Hans Franses (1998), Time Series Models for Business and Economic Forecasting, Cambridge University Press.
  • William H. Greene (2000), Econometric Analysis, 4th ed., Prentice Hall.
  • Terence C. Mills (1999), The Econometric Modelling of Financial Time Series, 2nd ed., Cambridge University Press.
  • Paul A. Ruud (2000), An Introduction to Classical Econometric Theory, Oxford University Press.
  • Jon Stewart and Len Gill (1998), Econometrics, 2nd ed., Prentice Hall.
  • Jeffrey M. Wooldridge (2000), Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach, South-Western College Publishing.





          Law and Economics

    Law and Economics Resources

    The US Constitution

    Macroeconomics and Policy Analysis

    N. Roubini's Homepage                         Macro TextBook (Ben Heijdra and Rick Van der Ploeg)

    RGE Monitor N. Roubini's Page

    Mark Wallbert's Homepage                    Macroeconomics (by Farmer Southwestern)

    Global Economic and Policy Analysis       Who's Who in Macroeconomics

    Bank of American Economic Research                 First Union Economic Information

    Samuel Brittan                                                         Federal ReserveEducation

    Rational                                     The Economy at a Glance

    Center for Dynamic Macroeconomic Analysis (Univ. of St. Andrews)

    Global Edge (Global Resources)

    Regional and Micro Data


       Links to Regional Economic Data (NABE)                 Micro Industry Data (NABE)

    Historical Census Data From Harvard

    Integrated Public Use Micro Data Series

    Panel Study of Income Dynamics

    Datastream: Complimentary Data

    Concentration Ratio Data        THE HERFINDAHL-HIRSCHMAN INDEX (Justice Dept.)

    Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

    Macroeconomic Forecasting

    Ed Yardeni's Economics Network                       Mining Company

    Forecasting: Methods and Applications by Makridakis, Wheelwright, and Hyndman

    Center for Dynamic Macroeconomic Analysis at St. Andrews University

    Institute for Economic Research (Univ. of Iowa, Chuck Whiteman)

    Economic Trends (FRB of Cleveland)                Bank of America (Financial Reports)

    International Institute of Forecasting                    Journal of Forecasting

    Principles of Forecasting: A Handbook for Researchers and Practicioners

    Simon Center for Regional Forecasting at Saint Louis University's Cook School of Business

    International Journal of Forecasting                      Model Comparison Seminar (other links)

    Economics Illustrated (Trade Street)                     State of the Economy

    Economic and Financial Conditions (Charts for The US and Global)

    The Regional US Economcy (Data and Charts)             UBS Warburg

    Livingston Survey                                                     Global Insight

    Macroeconomic Advisers                               

    Financial Forecasting Center                                Advances in Financial Forecasting

    Business Forecasting Center, University of the Pacific, Eberhardt School of Business

    Forecasting Journals            Handbook of Economic Forecasting

    Frontiers of Economics and Globalization (Elesevier)

    UCLA Anderson Forecast

    World and International Data

    InterAmerican Development Bank                 OECD

    International Monetary Fund                       World Bank Group

    Datastream                                                 Detailed Exchange Rate Data

    More Exchange Rate Data                           Global Edge (Global Resources)

    CIA World Fact Book                                International Trade Administration

    US Trade Representative                           Bank of International Settlements

    Country Data                                               Global Financial Data (Purchase International Data) 

    CHASS Data Center (Univ. of Toronto)    Links to International Data (NABE)

    Balance of Payments (BOP) data                  Daily Exchange Rates

    U.S. Imports and Exports by 4-Digit SIC Industry, 1958-1994
    from U.C. Davis Center for International Trade Data

    U.S. International Trade Administration- International Trade

    U.S. International Trade Administration- Import Administration

    U.S. International Trade Commission                         Global Financial Data

    U.S. Trade Representative's Office

    Trade Compliance Center                                 IEFS Newsletter

    U.S. Bureau of Census-Foreign Trade Statistics

    U.S. State Export Data from MISER                    Corruption Index

    PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service

    World Competitiveness Report- from Institute for Management

    Professor Paul Krugman’s Official Homepage

    U.S. Department of State                                 Web sites by Country organization

    Foreign Labor Statistics                                     Foreign Data by Country

    Center For International Data (UC Davis)

    Data Services International (DSI)                         Latin America

    DSI Data                                                Daily Exchange Rate Data

    The Economist                       Commanding Heights

    Educator Guide for Commanding Heights

    The Big Mac Index                   The Starbucks Index

    Why Trade Matters                Global Development Finance Report 2006


    The World Bank's Databases
    UN's Human Development Reports
    IMF's Country Information
    CIA World Fact Book
    Harvey's Country Risk Analysis
    Roubini's Global Macro and Financial Policy Site
    NBER's Links to Data
    Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom
    Transparency International's Database on Corruption
    Economist Magazine
    Bank for International Settlements' Link to Central Banks


    Newspaper Subscriptions:

    Haas Resources:

    International Organizations:

    Central Banks

    Research Institutions

    Commercial Bank Research

    News Organizations

    Some Classic Articles





    The Foreign Exchange Market

    The Universal Currency Converter

    Olson and Associated Currency Converter

    The Information Economy and Technology

    Economy and the internet                 More on Info+Economy


    Social Security

    A video explanation        The History of Social Security and the 70th Anniversary (August 14, 2005)

    Research on Social Security by the Tax Foundation


    Energy, Oil, and Environmental Economics


    Energy, Environmental and Mineral Economics Course                 The Energy Journal

    Links to Environmental Research and Institutions                        Gas Price Watch .com

    Richard E. Smalley                                    WTRG Economics (Data on Oil and Gas)

    Risk and Sustainable Management Publications

    John Quiggin's Homepage            Oil Price History and Analysis

    World Economic Outlook (World Bank)

    Chronology of Oil Prices (1970-2004)   

    Energy Information Administration

    Gas Prices by Zip Code

    The Oil Drum

    NPR National Public Radio Talks

    Forensic Economics

    Forensic Economics (John Ward)


    Courses in Econometrics and Other Useful Things

    Mike Abbott's Introductory Econometrics (Queens Univ)

    Peter Phillips Time Series Econometrics (Yale)

        a. Phillips Econometrics 1

        b. Phillips Econometrics 2

    Updates to Davidson and Mckinnon's Textbook

    Cambridge University

    Summer Institute 2007: NBER What is New In Econometrics

    Markov Chain Monte Carlo Econometrics at Statistics Dept of Duke Univ.

    Department of Statistics at Duke University

    Ricky Rambharat (MCMC)

    Mark Dwyer (UCLA)                                 Multivariate Analysis (Junsoo Lee)

    The Analysis of Economic Time Series

    Econometric Modeling in Economics and Finance

    Shift Share Analysis

    Statistical Computing and Data links

    Other links for students

  • Help with writing
  • Miscellaneous career advice for economists

  • Harvard Course in Economics

    Andrew Karolyi's Empirical Research in Finance, Ohio State University

    Bruce Hansen                    Kenneth Hightower

    Conference on Modeling Structural Change and Long Memory

    Homepages of Econometricians

    Courses at LSE

    Summer School in Econometrics (Coppenhagen)

    Adrian Pagan's Macro-Econometrics

        Best Econometric Resources

    Financial Data


    Name Description Date Modified Rating  
    1. Ohio State's Virtual Finance Library An Excellent site with general information. Also included is their data finder page. 07.08.98 Excellent more info

    rate site

    2. is a hand-selected directory of the best finance sites on the Web. 08.13.01 Excellent more info

    rate site

    3. Finance India Finance Macro Economics Articles Abstracts Doctoral Dissertations Bibliography Book Reviews Statistics Seminars Placements 08.07.02 Excellent more info

    rate site

    4. SubAdvisor, LLC Provides a directory of products, sales tools, and practice management advice for investment advisors, financial planners, CPAs and educators. 08.07.02 Excellent more info

    rate site

    5. contains the web’s largest collection of free economic, financial, and industry data-over 1,000,000 series. 08.13.01 Excellent more info

    rate site

    6. Wachowicz's Web World: Web Sites for Discerning Finance Students Categorized and briefly annotated links, over 1,000 PowerPoint slides, interactive quizzes, web-based exercises, and more. 04.18.00 Excellent more info

    rate site

    7. Office of Advocacy, U.S. SBA, Econ. Stats & Research Reports & data for small business (demographics, labor, finance, etc.) Unique firm size data by industry & location is also available. 04.12.00 Excellent more info

    rate site

    8. Economics Web Institute economics, management, research, data, economic data, world data, theory, introduction, easy, gdp, investment, IS-LM, monopoly 02.11.03 Excellent more info

    rate site

    9. Quantitative Finance journal Quantitative Finance is a young journal that bridges the gap between finance and physics. It publishes research papers, book reviews & other features. 08.13.01 Excellent more info

    rate site

    10. The Data Archive British specialist national resource. 4000 social science datasets administered by the University of Essex 10.12.98 Excellent more info

    rate site

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    Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, Open Economy Macro

    Monetary Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy

        Including Monetary Macro, monetary policy, Hyperinflation, Great Depression, and Course Material

    Monetary Policy Homepage

    Monetary Economics Homepage

    Famous First Bubbles

    Biographies in Monetary Economics

    Financial Markets, Interest Rates and Stock Prices

    Exchange Rates and International Financial Markets

    Money, Credit, Banking and Financial Services

    Datasets and Data Archives

    Access to Internet Publications

    Recent Articles From Wall Street Journal, Economist, Financial Times, Etc.

    Economists WebPages

    Course Readings for Educators (Fed of New York)

    Useful Data Links





    The Yield Curve and Predicting Recessions


    Reading the Yield Curve (James Hamilton)            Paper on Predicting Recessions with Yield Curve by Jonathan Wright

    Using Yield Spreads to predict Recessions




    Financial Economics

    Market Models Website

    Society for Financial Econometrics

    Best of the Web Investing

    Dynamic Yield Curve Stock Market Linkage Website

    Asset Price Dynamics, Volatility, and Prediction by Stephen Taylor

    Northfield (Dan DiBartolomeo)

    Norges Bank Norway (Michael Bordo)

    Links to Fama-French Benchmark Portfolios

    Eric Ghysels (Empirical Finance)

    Calculating Returns for S&P 500 from 1871

    Financial Matters Blog (Excel Spreadsheets)

    A Sampling of Excel Tools for Finance

    Keith Cuthbertson (Quantitative Financial Economics)

    Advances in Quantitative Finance and Accounting (C.F. Lee Editor)


    Research Papers and Articles



    Rankings (by downloads)


    Best Weblinks in Finance

    Global Finance

    Risk Management and Value-at-Risk

    Quantitative Finance and Applied Econometrics


    Teaching Materials

    1. Applied Econometrics

    2. Econometrics and Applied Statistics

    3. Finance

    4. Mathematics

    5. Programming

    6. Stochastic Calculus and Applications to Finance


    Research Centers and Institutions



    Best of the Web Investing

    Center for Research in Finance and Management (Belgium)

    Andrew Karolyi's  Empirical Research in Finance

    General Resources for Macro and Financial Economics (Leigh Tesfatsion, Iowa State University)

    Wharton Finance Department            UBC Finance Division

    Veitch's Sites                                        The Finance Site List (Journals, articles, etc.)

    Computational Finance (Hanken)        Links From Veitch's Homepage

    General Resources For Macro and Financial Economics (Leigh Tesfatsion)

    Top Textbooks in Financial Engineering

    Center for Research in Finance and Management (pierre Giot)

    Center for Financial and Management Studies (Univ. of London)

    Faculty at Cass Business School                Faculty at Warwick

    Financial Econometrics Center (Cass Business School)

    The Emerging Markets Group (Cass Business School)

    Operational Risk and Capital (Boston Fed)

    Great Links for Financial Data

    Tests of the APT Model

    Forecasting in Finance

    Faculty in Finance at NYU           Society for Risk Analysis

    Stockholm Institute for Financial Research

    MS Program in Finance at City University of Hong Kong

    **Finance Dept. Faculty (London Business School)                London Bus. Sch. Finance

    Risk Research                                         Financial Economics Web Site

    William Sharpe's Homepage                     Simon Benninga's Homepage

    Macro-Investment Analysis (William Sharpe)

    FINWEB                                                     STOCKVAL.COM

    Edwin Portfolio Theory Course (NYU Stern School)

    Spreadsheet Modeling in Finance                 WEISS Center at Wharton for international financial research

    Spreadsheet Modeling (Craig Holden, Prentice Hall)

    Finance Courses on the Web (Ohio State)             Finance Links

    WorldWide Directory of Finance Faculty       Financial Data Finder

    Business School For Financial Markets  ISMA Center (Univ. of Reading)

    ISMA Center (chris Brooks)

    Learning Finance (Damodaran On line)                NUMERAIRE.COM

    Applied Corporate Finance                             GET YOUR CREDIT SCORE AND LOAN RATES

    Paul                     SEC's Edgar (download Financial Reports)

    Valuing Wall Street with Tobin's Q             Smithers and Company

    Spreadsheet Modeling in Finance                      Bogle Research Center

    Rankings of Finance Departments by Publications in top 4 Finance Journals

    Center For Financial Technology                International Center for Finance (Yale)

    Roger Ibbotson and Associates                     The HOLT Model

    Ibbotson's EnCorr Software

    Analytical Tools in portfolio Managment (Source of Economic Data)

    Syllabus for Macro Investment Analysis By William Sharpe

    William Sharpe's Web Notes

    Gauss Programing For financial Analysis

    The Money Macro Finance Research Group at Cambridge Univ.

    Computational Finance             Analysis of High Frequency Financial Data

    Yahoo Finance                         Faculty at the Sloan School of Management (MIT)

    Morgan Stanley (MSCI Index)                Dow Jones Indexes                 G. William Schwert

    Kenneth French                                         Jay Ritter                             Robert Shiller

    Campbell Harvey                                    CRSP                             Wharton Research Data Service

    Sloan School Homepage                     Research Links and Data Bases             Andrew W.  Lo

    Dimitri Vayanos                                     Jun Pan                     S.P. Kothari             Jonathan Lewellen

    Amortization Schedules for Mortgages

    Standard and Poor's Earnings             Frank Fabozzi

    IBES For Academics                        First Call Earnings Forecasts

    Analysis of Financial Economics (Ruey Tsay)                    

    Financial Econometrics Research Center (Cass Business School)

    Usefule Web Sites From Bradley University                     Bond Math University

    Bezoldgroup                                                                     Answers to exam

    Quantitative Methods in Finance Conferences                 Video talks on Financial Markets

    Financial Econometrics Research Center                        Aarbus School of Buinsess (Dept. of Finance)

    Master of Science in Quantitative Finance (Boston College)

    Advanced Modeling in Finance using EXCEL and VBA (Mike Staunton, London School of Business)

    The Chazen Institute                                         Teach Me

    Columbia Business School's Finance and Economics

    The Financial Data Finder                                 Campbell Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary

    Nouriel Roubini's Asia Crisis Home page            The Round Table Group Consultants

    CNN Financial Network                                         Courses at Birkbeck College

    Morgan Stanley Dean Witter's Home Page
    (Includes link to MSCI data)

    Ruey Tsay HomePage                             Oklahoma State MS in Quantitative Financial Economics 

    T.S. Mills Homepage                         Economy at a Glance


    Interest Rate Models        Financial Engineering

    Bank Credit Analysis        Risk Management

    Investment Management        Derivatives   

    Baldwinim Investment Mangement

    Corporate Finance   

    IFF: International Faculty of Finance

    Quantitative Methods in Finance Conference (2004)

    Quantitative Methods in Finance Conference (2005) Sydney Australia

    School of Finance and Economics (Univ. of Technology, Sydney Australia)

    Currency Converter

    OTHER INTERESTING WEB SITES                        Stock Research

    Nonlinear Modeling Of High Frequency Financial Time Series

    National Research Center on the Quantification and Simulation of Economic Processes

        The Centers Working Papers                     Masters in Financial Economics (Univ. of Toronto)

        Financial Econometrics Research Centre (City University)

    1. .Future Value          2.Present Value

    3.Stock price evaluator  4.Valuation Calculator

    5.Efficient Frontiers        6.Option Pricing                 The New Financial Order by Robert Shiller

    7.Risk/Return         8. .Living Yield Curve

    9.Map of the Market         10.Dow History

    11.Trading Ebay                12.Trading Simulator

    13.Social Security                 14..Smart Money

    15 .Stock Screener             16..Future Value

    17. .Exchange Rate Page         18. Financial Crises

    19..Macro Time Series Page     Chaos Theory

    Some Good Economic and Finance Links

    University of London

    The Money, Macro, Finance Group (Cambridge UK)

    Links to Research on Copula's

    Value at Risk Resources            Cyclical Indicators (ECRI)

    Technical Analysis A-Z                Value at Risk/Volatility


        Statistical Modeling In Finance (March 24, 2006)


    More Links

        Centre for Economic Forecasting, London Business School
       NetEc working paper archive
       The Bank of England
       Office of National Statistics UK
       HM Treasury
    Money Macro and Finance Research Group 
    Royal Economic Society Home Page 
    Econometric Society Home Page 
    H.M. Treasury Directory Index 
    Project LINK Research Centre 
    Social Science Information Gateway - SOSIG 
    Welcome to the ESRC 
    The BBC Home Page 
    Money Macro and Finance Research Group 
    The Royal Statistical Society 
    USCWeb, the University of Southern California 
    USCWeb, the University of Southern California (Plain-Text Page) 
    DG 1A HomePage (European Commission) - European Union : External Relations : DG 1A 
    Welcome to the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2001 
    Elsevier Journals in Economics and Finance 
    macroeconomic-modelling discussion list 
    Computing in Economics and Finance 

               A free source of US data





    Research Papers and Articles



    Rankings (by downloads)

    Java Applets in Finance



    Asset Efficient Frontier

    Country Risk

    International Cost of Capital and Risk Calculator


    Best Weblinks in Finance

    Global Finance

    Risk Management and Value-at-Risk

    Quantitative Finance and Applied Econometrics

    Teaching Materials



    1. Applied Econometrics

    2. Econometrics and Applied Statistics

    3. Finance

    4. Mathematics

    5. Programming

    6. Stochastic Calculus and Applications to Finance



    Applied Econometrics


    Econometrics and Applied Statistics




    Introductory Finance

    Financial Markets, Investments and Risk Management

    Quantitative Finance

    Market Microstructure







    Stochastic Calculus and Applications to Finance



    Research Centers and Institutions




    Gordon Phillips' Online Lecture Notes

    1. Time Value of Money
    2. Basic Bond Valuation
    3. Introduction to Stocks
    4. Capital Budgeting Notes
    5. Risk, Return & Capital Market History
    6. Security Market Line Notes
    7. Market Efficiency Notes
    8. Weighted Ave. Cost of Capital Notes
    9. Capital Structure Notes
    10. Dividend Policy Notes
    11. Options Notes
    12. International Finance Notes

    Key Papers and Articles on Value-at-Risk (VaR) and Volatility

    Giot, P. (2002), The information content of implied volatility indices for forecasting volatility and market risk, December.

    Granger, C. and S.-H. Poon (2002), Forecasting Volatility in Financia Markets: A Review, September.

    Sriananthakumar, S. and Silvapulle, P. (2002), Estimating Value at Risks for Short and Long Trading Positions, August.

    Holton, G. A. (2002), History of Value-at-Risk: 1922-1998, July 25.

    Szakmary, A., Ors, E., Kim, J. K. and W. N. Davidson III (2002), The predictive power of implied volatility: Evidence from 35 futures markets, Journal of Banking & Finance, July. (*)

    Andersen, T. G., Bollerslev, T. and F. X. Diebold (2002), Parametric and Nonparametric Volatility Measurement, July.

    Giot, P. (2002), The Information Content of Implied Volatility in Agricultural Commodity Markets, June.

    Giot, P. and S. Laurent (2002), Value-at-Risk for Long and Short Trading Positions, June.

    Danielsson, J. (2002), The emperor has no clothes: Limits to risk modelling, Journal of Banking & Finance, 26, 1273 –1296. (*)

    Giot, P. and S. Laurent (2001), Modeling Daily Value-at-Risk Using Realized Volatility and ARCH Type Models, December.

    Dangl, T. and A. Lehar (2001), Building Block vs. Value-at-Risk Regulation in Banking, October 12.

    Krokhmal, P., Palmquist, J. and S. Uryasev (2001), Portofolio Optimization with Conditional VaR Objective, September 25.

    Bradley, B. O. and M. S. Taqqu (2001), Financial Risk and Heavy Tails, August.

    Berkowitz, J. and J. O'Brien (2001), How Accurate are Value-at-Risk Models at Commercial Banks, July.

    Tasche, D. and L. Tibiletti (2001), Approximations for the Value-at-Risk approach to risk-return analysis, June 25.

    Basurto, G. and L A Giorgio (2001), The New Basel Capital Accord Proposals, Infrastructure and Financial Markets Review, Vol. 7 No. 2, June.

    Eberlein, E., Kallsen, J. and J. Kristen (2001), Risk Management Based on Stochastic Volatility, May.

    Mina, J. and J. Y. Xiao (2001), Return to RiskMetrics: The Evolution of a Standard, April.

    Engle, R. and S. Manganelli (2001), Value at Risk Models in Finance, March.

    Lee, T.-H. and B. Saltoglu (2001), Evaluating Predictive Performance of Value-at-Risk Models in Emerging Markets: A Reality Check, January.

    Christoffersen, P., Hahn, J. and A. Inoue (2001), Testing and Comparing Value-at-Risk Measures, CIRANO Scientific Papers, January.

    Andersen, T. G., Bollerslev, T., Diebold, F. X. and H. Ebens (2001), The distribution of realized stockreturn volatility, Journal of Financial Economics, 61, 43-76. (*)

    Nylund, S. (2001), Value-at-Risk Analysis for Heavy-Tailed Financial Returns, Helsinki university of Technology, Department of Engineering Physics and Mathematics, Master of Science in Technology, Thesis.

    Glasserman, P., Heidelberger, P. and P. Shahabuddin (2001), Efficient Monte Carlo Methods for Value-at-Risk. In Mastering Risk Volume 2: Applications. Edited by Carol Alexander, 7-20, Financial Times Prentice Hall, London.

    Cotter, J. (2001), Conditional and Unconditional Risk Management Estimates for European Stock Index Futures.

    Andersson, F., Mausser, H., Rosen, D. and S. Uryasev (2001), Credit risk optimization with Conditional Value-at-Risk criterion, Math. Program., Ser. B 89, 273–291

    Ammann, M. and C. Reich (2001), Value-at-Risk for Nonlinear Financial Instruments, Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, 15(3).

    Berkowitz, J. (2000), Testing Density Forecasts with Applications to Risk Management, December 27.

    Bams, D. and J. L. Wielhouwer (2000), Empirical Issues in Value-at-Risk, December.

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    Tibiletti, L. (2000), Incremental VaR and VaR with background risk: traps and misinterpretations, September.

    Engle, R. and S. Manganelli (2000), CAViaR: Conditional Autoregressive Value-at-Risk by Regression Quantiles, September.

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    Alexander, C. (2000), Market Risk Measurement: Value at Risk, Slides.

    Alexander, C. (2000), Market Risk Measurement: Measurement for Market Risk Control , Slides.

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    Manfredo, M. R. and R. M. Leuthold (1998), Agricultural Applications of Value-at-Risk Analysis: A Perspective, May.

    Christoffersen, P. F. and F. X. Diebold (1997), How Relevant is Volatility Forecasting for Financial Risk Management?, October 17.

    Venkataraman, S. (1997), Value at risk for a mixture of normal distributions: The use of quasi-Bayesian estimation techniques, Economic Perspectives, (Mar), 2-13.

    Some Popular Papers in Finance

    Black, F. and Scholes, M. S. (1973), The pricing of options and corporate liabilities, JPE.

    Chen, Z. and P. J. Knez (1996), Portfolio performance measurement: theory and applications, RFS.

    Jagnnathan, R. and McGrattan, E. R. (1995), The CAPM debate, Quarterly Review.

    Jamshidian, D. (1997), LIBOR and swap market models and measures, Finance and Stochastics.

    Marx, L. M.(1998), Efficient venture capital financing combining debt and equity, Review of Economic Design.

    Musiela, M. and M. Rutkowski (1997), Continuous-time term structure models: Forward measure approach, Finance and Stochastics.

    Neal, R. S. (1996), Credit derivatives: new financial instruments for controlling credit risk, Economic Review.

    Rogers, L.C.G. (1997), Fast accurate binomial pricing, Finance and Stochastics.

    Simons, K. (1998), Risk-adjusted performance of mutual funds, New England Economic Review.

    Treacy, W. F. and M. S. Carey (1998), Credit risk rating at large U.S. banks, Federal Reserve Bulletin.

    Some good links


    Bank for International Settlements

    Brad DeLong's Website

    Campbell R. Harvey's Website

    Philippe Jorion's Website

    Robert J. Shiller's Website

    Richard K. Lyon's Website

    Inomics Web Site

    Econometriclinks (general ressources in econometrics)


    All about Value-at-Risk (one of the best site for information on tech stocks)

    The Wall Street Journal online

    Barron's online Website (which is now free!)

    Historical financial data


    Yahoo! Finance: historical prices for many assets (stocks, currencies, interest rates,...)

    Economagic time series data (many economic and financial time series)


    Energy Information Administration (historical data for petroleum, electricity, gas,...)

    Implied volatility data

    VIX and VXN implied volatility indices at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange

    Implied volatility indices at the MONEP in Paris (implied volatility indices for the CAC40 index)

    Yahoo! Finance: VDAX implied volatility index (enter ^VDAX as ticker)

    Implied volatility indices for commodities (sugar, cotton, coffee, cocoa,...) futures at the New York Board of Trade (go to the historical data section)

    Intraday data

    Olsen & Associates HFDF databases (high-frequency tick-by-tick databases for many assets)

    New York stock exchange TAQ database (Trades and Quotes database for all stocks traded on the U.S. exchanges)

    Transactions data in FX markets (by Richard Lyons)

    Long term financial data

    Dow Jones Averages

    Long term stock market data collected by Robert Shiller





    Software Links for Finance

        Matlab for Finance

         Mike Cliff's GMM Matlab code

            Kostas Kyriakoulis GMM Matlab toolbox

        James P. Le Sage's Econometrics Toolbox in Matlab


        Matlab Resrouces

        Link to Tom Sargent and Hansen-Sargent Matlab Routine

        Matlab links to Tutorials and Reference Manuals

        Notes on S-Plus

        T. Roncalli's Gauss Applications to Finance

        PcGive Professional
    General Economics Links

    Economics Departments Around the World:
    Economics Bibliographic Database (working papers, journals, software, authors, institutions)

    Economics Job Openings and Conferences:
    Econometrics Links:
    Royal Economic Society:
    Society of Business Economists:


    Bank of England:
    Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System:


    Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycle:
    Economic Dynamics:


    Finance Site List:
    Worldwide Directory of Finance Faculty:
    American Finance Association / Journal of Finance:
    Society for Financial Studies:

    Society for Financial Econometrics
    European Financial Management Association:
    Centre for Research in Security Prices:

    Investment Web Sites

    Jeremy Siegel's Web Site                    William Sharpe's Homepage

    Value Pro                                             Campbell Harvey's Finance Glossery

    Some useful websites for the valuation:

    Damodaran's textbook "Investment Valuation" is out-of-stock at the bookstore, but it is available
    both at and Barnes and Noble.

    problems in Damodaran's "Investment Valuation": [click here]

    Prof. Damodaran's webpage: data for course project, past exams, ... :

    Selected Financial Data Web Sites                 Vangaurd Group News

        Other Interesting Sites -- a really good site with lots of links and information

    SEC's Edgar for viewing and downloading financial reports

    FreeEdgar -- helps digest Edgar filings by turning them into text and Excel


    Bonds On-Line gives updated bond prices and yields. Unique

    J.P. Morgan's site: Will lead you to many interesting things, including RiskMetrics


    Excel sites

    Michael Kishinevsky of Pace University has some very nice stuff!

        Look at his home page and the software page   book about statistics using Excel as a vehicle--great home page Alan Barasch's cute Excel page with examples John Walkenbach's page Thomas Igel's page on Excel (German)

    Frontline Systems, the creator of the Excel Solver, has an excellent Web page with much technical information about the Solver.

    University of British Columbia has a tutorial on using the Excel Solver

    Macro systems -- a site full of helpful stuff

    Excel VBA examples

    Nathan's Excel page

    OzGrid Business Applications -- Excel custom training, spreadsheets, add-ins and more! Lots of tips and tricks.

    Metin Kilic has a really interesting site with Excel applications of various financial engineering applications


    Links to Lists of Financial Journals

    The Virtual Finance Library, with good links and a list of finance journals

    ECONBase, provides a useful search engine for examining the
    abstracts of articles published in Elsevier journals.

    Provides a list of links to finance journals

    Provides another  list of links to finance journals

    The Numa directory of derivatives journals

    - lots of useful links and contacts for academic and
    practitioner journals on derivatives

    Lists of links to finance journals and magazines

    This is a repository for journal articles.

         Many of the important journals in economics and
    finance  are stored here. The service is free to members of universities who
    subscribe  to it. JSTOR operates a "moving wall", usually of 5 years, so that
    only articles published 5 years or more ago are accessible.


    This is the  American Economic Association's electronic bibliography of economic
    literature,  including a long listing of journals in economics and finance with links to
    the publishers' web sites.

    Some Sources of Financial Literature on the Internet


    Almost all Universities around the world now make copies of their
    discussion  papers available electronically. A few examples from finance
    departments are:

    Deparment of Finance, Stern School, New York University

    Wharton Financial Institutions Centre
    - University of California at Berkeley
    - University of Michigan Documents Centre, containing an array of
    useful literature
    and data sources

    US Federal Reserve Banks and the Bank of England
    - Bank of England - containing their working papers, news and
    discussion - Federal
    Reserve Bank of Atlanta - including information on economic and
    research data
    and publications
    - Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis - a great deal of useful US data,
    monetary, interest rate, and financial data, available daily, weekly, or
    including long time histories of data. Federal Reserve
    Bank of Chicago - including interest data and useful links - Federal
    Reserve Bank of Dallas - including macroeconomic, interest rate,
    monetary and
    bank data
    Federal Reserve Board of Governors
    - Federal Reserve Bank of New York

    International Bodies - the International
    Monetary Fund - including working papers, forecasts, and IMF primary
    price series.
    - World Bank working papers in finance
    Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development working
    paper series,

    - a list of literally hundreds of journals, some in finance and economics,
    their URLs.
    International Business Resources on the WWW - including a "finance"
    section, a "world stock exchanges" section, and a "statistical
    data sources" section. - The Corporate
    Finance Network - links to information on global and international
    and links to the web pages of many equity markets, including those of
    or developing countries
    - Finance and Development Research Program - interesting research
    output and
    links on various issues in finance, but especially relating to developing
    such as banking crises, regulation etc. FinWeb - internet
    sources on finance, including journals and working papers
    WoPEc - huge database of working papers in areas of economics,
    including finance - bibliographic database
    for economics, reportedly including over 110,000 searchable items
    - WWW Virtual Library, WebEc, containing a "Financial Economics"
    and a "Mathematical and Quantitative Methods" section
    - an interesting site provided by the Wharton School, and containing
    on forecasting, including sources of forecasts, and links to software
    (some  free)

    - National Bureau of Economic Research - huge database of discussion papers and links including data

    lots of useful finance-related information - for example, financial
    news, summaries of journal articles, some practice tests and questions etc.

    Financial Economics Network (FEN) site

    , which is part of the Social Science  Research Network (SSRN),

    and includes a searchable database of
    working papers  split by subject area, professional and job announcements.

    Some Sources of Financial Data on the Internet

    Many of the URLs listed above include extensive databases - for
    example, the  Federal Reserve Banks.

    Furthermore, many markets and exchanges have their own

    web pages detailing data availability. An additional useful site is

    Bureau of Economic Analysis

    - includes a large quantity of US data, especially
    macroeconomic, with  a historical database.

    Many new and unknown internet sites offer data. Such data are typically
    extremely  expensive and may be of dubious quality and therefore readers are
    advised to  steer clear of these.

    Gives a long listing of sources of financial data.

    Also  gives a useful list of finance and accounting web sites.

    Long list of links to statistical data on the web.

    Links at the Fed about commercial paper

    CP rates and outstandings (Updated daily)
    Volume in the CP market (Updated quarterly)

    Links at the Treasury Department about Treasury securities and auctions

    Upcoming Auctions, Results, and Historical Information
    The Treasury Bulletin (quarterly report with lots of info about the economy and the public debt)

    Links to stock exchanges

    The NYSE
    Nasdaq -- market data
    London Stock Exchange

    Links about corporate bonds

    CNNfn Bondcenter
    Home page of The Bond Market Association (lobbying group for bond dealers).
    Daily list of transactions in corporate bonds. All trades of investment-grade bonds that are done through interdealer
    Moody's home page
    Moody's annual report on corporate bond default statistics This is a great source of data on default rates, recovery rates,
    and trends in these rates over time. (pdf)
    The SEC's Edgar database

    Helpful Links




    Project Data Sources




    Links for data

    Riskfree Rate Treasury rates: US

    Government rates: Other (For G-8 countries) (Has Brady bond rates)

    Risk Premium Historical: US

    Country Rating

    Implied Premium: US

    Country premiums

  (Updated data)

    Moody’s: (Click on sovereign ratings)

    S&P: (Updated data)

    Risk Parameters Beta: Market Regression

    Bottom-up Beta


    Business Breakdown (Updated data) (Updated data: Sector betas) (Segment breakdown in 10-K)

    Cost of Debt Bond Rating

    Synthetic Rating

    Default Spreads



    Marginal tax rate (Spreadsheets: ratings.xls) (for latest ratios) (Check corporates)

    KPMG Survey - Marginal tax rates by country (pdf file)

    Weights Market Value of Equity

    Market Value of Debt (Type symbol for quick report and check under valuation) (Debt maturity will be footnote to 10-K))

    Cash Flows Earnings Checks


    Operating Leases

    Net Capital Expenditures

    R & D Expenses

    Working Capital (Check details of 10-k, 10-Q) (Type symbol for quick report and check under financials for last 5 years) (Footnote to 10-K) (Statement of Cash Flows) (Statement of Cash Flows) (Statement of Cash Flows)

    (All of the above data will also be in an annual report. You can try or try ******.com where ***** is the name of your firm)

    Growth Historical Growth


    Analyst forecast of growth



    Fundamental Growth (For sector growth) (Type symbol for quick report and check under Growth rates for 3 yr number) (for EPS next year and recommendations) (Type symbol for quick report and check Growth rates for 5-yr projection)) (Updated data for sector fundamentals)

    Growth Patterns Barriers to Entry

    Stable Growth Inputs: Industry (Updated data)
    Normalizing Earnings Industry Average Margin (Updated data)
    Other Valuation Issues Cash

    Options outstanding (Balance Sheet) (

    Relative Valuation Multiples for comparables

    Fundamentals for comparables (To screen a sector or market by multiple) (click for companies in each sector; you can get fundamentals on each separately in Profile)

    Option Pricing Models Valuing troubled firms


    Valuing natural resource firms

    Valuing patents (for debt and maturity) (Updated data: Sector variances)


    Equity Readings



    Bias in Valuation
    1. The Rise of Jack Grubman
    2. The Fall of Jack Grubman
    3. The Consequences of a Sell Recommendation
    4. A Sage on Enron
    Valuation Approaches
    1. Dumb Investors, Smart Markets
    2. Why don't they teach you to invest like Warren Buffet?
    3. Valuation Basics (courtesy of the Motley Fool)
    4. Why don't they teach you to invest like Warren Buffett?
    5. An open letter to Warren Buffett (from a non-admirer)


    Riskfree Rate
    Estimating Riskfree Rates
    Risk Premium
    1. Classic Rule of Risk Premium under attack (WSJ)
    2. Greenspan on the Risk Premium
    3. Estimating Risk Premiums
    4. Those were the days... An argument for lower risk premiums
    5. Historical Risk Premiums: A reexamination
    Risk Parameters
    1. Estimating Risk Parameters
    2. A contrary view on betas
    Cost of Debt
    1. S&P on the Ratings Process
    2. Off Balance Sheet Items
    Estimating Earnings
    1. R& D's effects on earnings
    2. Smoothing Earnings
    3. Is this debt?
    4. One-time Write off?
    5. The Accounting Black Box
    6. The Practices of Five Companies: GE, Coke, AIG, Williams and IBM
    7. Warnings Signs in Earnings Report
    Cash Flows
    1. A Primer on Financial Statements
    2. Adjusting for Operating Leases
    3. Adjusting for R&D Expenses
    4. Accounting versus Cash Earnings
    Growth and Growth Patterns
    1. Estimating Growth
    2. The inside of earnings growth in the 1990s
    3. Evaluating analyst growth estimates
    4. Competitive Advantage Period
    Other Valuation Issues
    1. Dealing with Cash and Cross Holdings
    2. Dealing with Management Options
    3. The Dark Side of Valuation
    4. Option backlash at companies
    5. Options at firms
    6. The Value of Transparency
    Value Enhancement
    1. Microsoft learning cost-cutting from GE
    2. Learning from the Super Companies
    3. Dare to keep your stock price low
    4. Value Enhancement: Back to Basics
    5. EVA as elixir
    6. An EVA debate
    1. Synergy in Mergers
    2. The Keys to Success in M & A: The KPMG Report
    3. Stocks versus Cash Acquisitions: The Performance of Acquirers
    4. New Rules on Goodwill
    Relative Valuation
    1. Malkiel on PE ratios
    2. Interest rates and PE ratios
    Option Pricing Models
    1. Making real options real
    2. Literature on real options in venture capital and R&D
    3. Real Options in Valuation
    4. Real Options and Business Strategy
    5. How much is flexibility worth?
    6. Get Real
    7. Reality Check: A skeptical look at real options
    8. The Real Power of Real Options


    Readings and Discussion Topics

    The Objective Function

    Derivations, In-Practice Questions and Discussion
    1. What is the difference between stock price maximization, firm value maximization and stockholder wealth maximization?
    2. What is the objective function in corporate finance for a private firm?
    3. What is the objective function for a non-profit organization?
    4. Are markets short term?
    5. What is the German/Japanese alternative to stockholder wealth maximization and does it work?
    1. Stop whining about Wall Street
    2. Bull Market Charges Ahead, lead by Activist Investors
    3. The Civilized Hostile Takeover
    4. Charity and Markets
    5. Steady Safe


    The Investment Decision: Measuring Hurdle Rates

    Derivations, In-Practice Questions and Discussion
    1. A Derivation of the Capital Asset Pricing Model
    2. Variants of the Capital Asset Pricing Model
    3. Testing the CAPM: Issues and Discussion
    4. More on the Arbitrage Pricing Model
    5. Estimating the Macro Economic Factors in a Multi-Factor Model
    6. Building a Regression Model
    7. Why not use bond betas to arrive at the cost of debt?
    8. Credit Scores as Alternatives to Bond Ratings
    1. Operating Risk as a Measure of Risk
    2. Market Risk and Time Horizon
    3. Investors must recall risk
    4. Historical Risk Premiums: A Re-examination
    5. Risk Premium in Emerging Markets
    6. Classic Rule of Risk Premium under Attack
    7. Are risk premiums too low? (Greenspan testimony)
    8. A Contrary View on Betas
    9. Margin for Safety.. An alternative to beta?
    10. Diversification Rediscovered
    11. Can you diversify and pick stocks at the same time?
    12. What makes your stock price go up or down?


    The Investment Decision: Measuring Returns on Investments

    Derivations, In-Practice Questions and Discussion
    1. Working Capital, Net Working Capital and Non-Cash Working Capital
    2. Operating versus Capital Expenditures
    3. Depreciation, Amortization and Other Non-cash Charges
    4. Capital Expenditures and Depreciation
    5. ROC, Cost of Capital, NPV and EVA
    6. ROE, Cost of Equity and Equity EVA
    7. Equity Analysis versus Firm Analysis
    8. Currency Effects on Investment Analysis
    9. Real versus Nominal Investment Analysis
    10. Net Present Value, IRR or Modified IRR
    11. Corporate Strategy and Project Quality
    12. What is the cost of using excess capacity?
    13. How should we treat product cannibalization in capital budgeting?
    14. When is the option to delay a project a valuable option?
    15. When is the option to expand a project a valuable option?
    16. The Right Option Pricing Model to Use in Valuing Real Options
    17. Are strategic considerations valuable options?
    1. Measuring Earnings
    2. The Content of an Annual Report
    3. EVA as elixir
    4. Synergy in Mergers


    The Financing Decision

    Derivations, In-Practice Questions and Discussion
    1. A Simple Test of Debt
    2. The Treatment of Hybrid Securities
    3. The Treatment of Warrants and Convertibles
    4. Valuing Flexibility
    5. Dilution as a Bogey
    6. Extensions on the WACC Approach
    7. Building in Constraints
    8. Applying Cost of Capital Approach to Financial Service Firms
    9. Normalizing Earnings: Some Simple Approaches
    10. Getting Inputs for Present Value Approach
    11. Minimizing WACC versus Adjusted Present Value Approaches
    12. Building a Cross-Sectional Regression
    13. Determinants of whether a firm is a takeover target
    14. Determinants of whether a firm is under risk of bankruptcy
    15. Determinants of project quality
    16. Duration: Traditional Measure versus Regression
    17. Simple versus Multi-variate regression
    1. Stock Buybacks are not always good news
    2. Catastrophe Bonds
    3. Mismatching Financing: The Indonesian Experience
    4. Bowie Bonds... anyone?
    5. MIPs: Debt or Equity
    6. Miller-Modigliani - Forty years later...


    The Dividend Decision

    Derivations, In-Practice Questions and Discussion
    1. Dividends versus Stock Buybacks: The Determinants
    2. Spin-offs, Split-offs and Divestitures: The Determinants
    3. Stock Dividends and Stock Splits
    4. An Intuitive Explanation of FCFE
    5. Estimating FCFE for a financial service firm
    6. Analyzing Project Quality for a Firm
    7. An Intuitive Explanation of FCFE
    8. Estimating FCFE for a financial service firm
    9. Analyzing Project Quality for a Firm
    1. Stock Buybacks: Out of Control?
    2. Time for Dividends?
    3. Microsoft: Pressure for Dividends?
    4. AT & T cuts dividends
    5. Why tech firms do not pay dividends



    Derivations, In-Practice Questions and Discussion
    1. How do you choose between firm and equity valuation?
    2. How do you estimate an expected growth rate?
    3. How do you estimate how long expected growth will last?
    4. What is terminal value and how is it estimated?
    5. What is a stable growth rate and why can it not be greater than the discount rate?
    6. What is an exit multiple andhow is it used in DCF valuation?
    7. What are the most common errors in dividend discount model valuation?
    8. What are the most common errors in FCFE/FCFF model valuation?
    9. How do you value a firm that is losing money?
    10. How do you value a financial service firm?
    11. How do you value a private firm?
    1. Estimating Earnings Growth
    2. Top-down versus Bottom-up Growth
    3. Revamping the Earnings Statement




    Company Valuations

    These are excel spreadsheets with the valuations that are included in the lecture notes. Feel free to download them and have fun changing the inputs or updating the information

    DCF Valuations

    Con Ed: A Stable Growth Dividend Discount Valuation
    ABN Amro: A Two-stage Dividend Discount Model Valuation
    S&P 500: A Conservative Dividend Valuation
    S&P 500: An Optimistic FCFE Valuation
    Sony: A Stable Growth FCFE Valuation
    Nestle: A Two-stage FCFE Valuation
    Nestle: Valuation after New Information
    Tsingtao Breweries: Valuation with Changing ROE...
    Brahma: A Three-stage FCFE Valuation
    Brahma: An Updated Valuation
    Daimler Chrysler: A Stable Growth FCFF Valuation
    Tube Investments: A Two-stage FCFF Valuation
    Tube Investments: Higher Marginal Return on Capital
    Tuble Investments: Higher Return on Capital (both existing assets and marginal)
    The Home Depot: An Operating Lease Adjusted Valuation
    Global Crossing: Valuing a company in distress
    Bristol Myers: An R&D Adjusted Valuation in January 2000: A Valuation of a Company on the Dark Side in January 2001 in July 2002

    Relative Valuations

    PE and Fundamentals
    Developed Market PE Ratios: 2000
    Emerging Market PE Ratios: 2000
    US Market PE Ratios: 1960-2000
    Beverage Companies
    Global Telecommunication firms
    PEG Ratios and Fundamentals
    Beverage Company PEG Ratios
    Relative PE and Fundamentals
    Auto firm Relative PE ratios
    Value/EBITDA and Fundamentals
    Trucking Company Value/EBITDA Multiples
    PBV Ratio and Fundamentals
    Oil Company PBV Ratios: 2000
    Large Cap PBV Ratios
    Bank PBV Ratios
    IBM: PBV and ROE
    Value/Book and Fundamentals
    PS Ratios and Fundamentals
    Greek Retailers PS ratios
    Internet Stock PS Ratios
    Coca Cola: Valuing a Brand Name

    Option Pricing Applications in Valuation

    Value of Avonex: A Patent Valuation
    Value of Financial Flexibility: Disney
    Eurotunnel DCF Valuation
    Eurotunnel Option Pricing Valuation

    Acquisition Valuation

    Valuing Digital (status quo)
    Valuing Digital (optimally managed)
    Valuing Compaq (stand-alone)
    Valuing Compaq-Digital (no synergy)
    Valuing Compaq-Digital (with synergy)

    Value Enhancement

    Valuing Compaq (status quo)
    Valuing Compaq (restructured)
    Valuing Telecom Italia (status quo)
    Valuing Telecom Italia (restructured
    Compaq's optimal capital structure
    Telecom Italia's optimal capital structure


    The Data Page

    This page provides information on how to collect data from a variety of sources. it also allows you to look at and download a number of data sets that you might find useful in corporate finance and valuation. (The downloadable spreadsheets are in excel format) I will try to keep them updated, and include the dates of the updates with the data sets. If you want to see the company-specific information, you can download the excel spreadsheet that contains it by clicking here.

    Recent additions: While most of the data sets here are based upon U.S. firms, I have added updates for Europe (Western Europe and the UK) and for Emerging Markets (Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe) for a few data items - betas and price multiples. You can download the data in excel files but the html files will contain only the US data. While I will update the US data every six months or so, I will update the non-US data once a year. I have also added the archived files from previous years for those of you who want historical data. The data is as of the end of each year.

    Date of last update: U.S. Companies - August 31, 2003 European Companies: August 31, 2003 Emerging Markets: June 2003
    Individual company information: While the industry averages are reported below, you can also download information on individual firms. The files below contain the information for the U, Europe and Emerging Markets separately. Be warned that they are large files and may take a while to download.

    1. For the U.S: compfirm.xls
    2. For Europe: Eurocompfirm.xls
    3. For Emerging Markets: emergcompfirm.xls (Asia, Latin America, Africa and Middle East)

    Variable definitions: You can get the definitions of the variables used in the datasets by clicking here
    Source data: If you want more information on the source data, click here.

    Collecting Data

    Data Source


    Instructions on Getting Information

    Value Line Old fashioned but very effective at delivering substantial amounts of information on one page.  
    Bloomberg Clearly the best all-round source of data on any firm almost anywhere in the world. It has two shortcomings. It is not very user-friendy, making it difficult to wade through the data to get the information you need, and it is often difficult to download the data that you need from the terminal. Getting Data from Bloomberg


    Data Sets

    Data Sets
    Download Excel file Archived Data Description
    Corporate Governance
    Insider and Institutional Holdings by Industry Sector


    1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This data set includes insider holdings and institutional holdings as a percent of outstanding stock, classified by industry.
    Discount Rate Estimation
    Historical Returns on Stocks, Bonds and Bills - United States


      This data set includes actual returns on stocks, bonds and bills for the United States from 1928 to the most recent year. It is a useful starting point for estimating historical equity premiums.
    Implied Equity Risk Premiums - United States
    Download   These risk premiums are estimated based upon a simple 2-stage Dividend discount model and reflect the risk premium which would justify they current level of the index, given the dividend yield, expected growth in earnings and the level of the long term bond rate.
    Risk Premiums for Other Markets
    Download   These are risk premiums estimates for other markets based upon the country ratings assigned by Standard and Poors'.
    Levered and Unlevered Betas by Industry
    U.S. firms
    Emerg Mkt
    1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This data set lists betas by industrial sector. The betas are computed using 5 years of monthly returns for each stock and then averaged (simple). The unlevered betas are estimated using the average market debt/equity ratios by industrial sector. (Hamada betas).
    Total Beta By Industry Sector
    Download 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 These are betas adjusted to reflect a firm's total exposure to risk rather than just the market risk component. It is a function of the market beta and the portion of the total risk that is market risk. These betas might provide better estimates of costs of equity for undiversified owners of businesses.
    Costs of Capital by Industry Sector
    Download 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This data set lists costs of equity, costs of debt, market debt ratios and costs of capital by industrial sector.
    Performance Measures
    Jensen's Alpha By Industry
    Download   This data set lists annualized Jensen's alphas by industry, as well as R-squared values.
    EVA and Equity EVA by Industry
    Download 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This lists out the average economic value added and equity economic value added by industry sector. While I have not made any adjustments to the operating income and book value of capital, this is a good starting point for comparisons.
    Capital Structure
    Debt Ratio Trade Off Variables by Industry
    Download 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This data set lists the industry averages of the market debt ratio, the effective tax rate (tax benefit), insider holdings (discipline), variance in operating income (bankruptcy risk) and fixed assets to total assets (agency costs).
    Ratings, Spreads and Interest Coverage Ratios
    Download   This data set lists S&P bond ratings classes, with normal spreads over the treasury bond rate and typical interest coverage ratios
    Operating Lease effect on debt
    Download   This summarizes the impact of converting operating lease commitments into debt on market debt to capital ratios, operating income and return on capital, categorized by industry.
    Cross Sectional Regression of Debt Ratio
        This summarizes the results of the latest cross sectional regression of the market debt ratio (total debt to capital) against financial variables.
    Duration, Cyclicality and Inflation Measures by Sector
    Download   This lists the coefficients obtained when we regress sector market value changes (quarterly) against changes in long term interest rates, GNP growth and inflation.
    Macro Economic Data for Debt Design
      This data set includes annual data on interest rates, inflation rates, GNP growth and the weighted dollar from 1981 on...
    Dividend Policy
    Dividend Policy Trade Off Variables by Industry
    Download 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This data set lists the industry averages of the dividend yield and payout ratios, as well as other variables that might be relevant in examining the trade off involved in paying dividends.
    Cross Sectional Regression of Dividend Ratios
        This summarizes the results of the latest cross sectional regression of the dividend yield and payout ratio against financial variables.
    Cash Flow Estimation
    Capital Expenditures, Depreciation,Reinvestment Rate and Sales to Capital Ratios by Industry
    Download 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This lists out average capital expenditures and depreciation by industry sector, as a percent of operating income. It is a useful resource during valuation. It also includes the sales to capital ratio which is useful when valuing young firms with negative earnings.
    Operating and Net Margins by Industry Sector
    Download 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This reports average operating and net margins by industry sector for the most recent time period.
    Working Capital Requirements by Industry Sector
    Download 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This lists out average inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable and non-cash working capital by industry sector, as a percent of revenues.
    Growth Rate Estimation
    Return on Equity decomposition by Industry sector:
    Download 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This data set reports average return on equity (net income/book value of equity) by industry sector and decomposes these returns into a pure return on assets and leverage.
    Fundamental Growth Rate in EPS by Industry
    Download 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This data set summarizes growth rates from fundamentals (ROE * Retention Ratio) by industry group.
    Historical Growth Rate in Earnings by Industry
    Download 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This data set summarizes growth in earnings over the last 5 years by industry.
    Fundamental Growth Rate in EBIT by Industry
    Download 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This data set summarizes growth rates from fundamentals (ROC*Reinvestment Rate) by industry group.
    PE Ratios, PEG Ratios and Expected Growth Rates by Industry Sector
    Emerg Mkt
    1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This lists out the PE ratio, expected growth (Value Line) and the PE/growth by industry group for the most recent time period.
    Price and Value to Book Ratios and ROE by Industry Sector
    Emerg Mkt
    1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This lists outs Price/Book value ratios and ROE by industry group for the most recent time period.
    Price and Value to Sales Ratios and Margins by Industry Sector
    Emerg Mkt
    1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This lists out Price/Sales ratios and margins by industry group for the most recent time period.
    Value/EBIT & Value/EBITDA Multiples by Industry Sector
    Emerg Mkt
    1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This lists out Firm Value / EBITDA by industry group for the most recent time period. Firm Value is the market value of equity plus the book value of debt.
    Regressions of Multiples against fundamentals
      1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This lists the output from the latest regressions of multiples against fundamentals (PE, PBV and PS ratios).
    Option Pricing Models
    Firm Value and Equity Standard Deviations (for use in real option pricing models)
    Download 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 This lists out average annualized stock price variance (in daily stock prices) over the previous five years, and the average firm value standard deviation over the same period.

    Financial Links

    Current Market Data

    World Markets from CNN: This site has updated information on the current level of world equity markets. It is clean and comprehensive.

    Foreign Currency Rates from DBC : DBC has an excellent site providing updated information on exchange rates between most currencies as well as updated information on most other markets.

    Industry Group Performance from DBC: This site, also maintained by DBC, provides information on the market performance of different industry groups on the U.S. market.

    Brady Bond Rates from BancBoston: This site has updated information on Brady bonds, classified by country. It provides both prices and yields.

    U.S. and Other Government Rates from Bloomberg: Bloomberg Personal provides updated information on U.S. Government rates, ranging from short term to 30-year bonds, as well as government rates in other major industrialized markets.

    Valuation Data Links

    Riskfree Rates

    U.S. and Other Government Rates from Bloomberg: This is a good site to start looking for long term government security rates by currency.

    Risk Premiums

    Ibbotson Data: The standard database for stock, bond and bill returns in the United States is from Ibbotson Associates. This is a link to those components of the site that are available to the general public. While much of the data is off limits, there are graphs available for downloading as well as research on historical returns in many markets.

    Country ratings criteria from S & P: This site provides an overview of how S&P rates sovereign entities (countries). The rating themselves are not on this site, but they can be obtained from the data section of my web site.

    Country Ratings from Moodys: Moody's does not rate as many countries as S&P, but it provides it country ratings on site.

    Accounting Information:

    Annual Reports from Reports Gallery: This site provides a comprehensive listing of on-site annual reports for many companies as well as links to their home pages.

    SEC Data directly from the SEC: This site is the direct link to the SEC and can be used to download 10-K, 10-Q and other corporate filings by companies.

    SEC data from NYU/Edgar : This site also provides access to SEC filings, albeit with a different format.

    Initial Public Offering data from IPO Central: This site provides comprehensive information on initial public offerings in the United States, with financial information on the firms going public.

    Market Information & Databases

    Morningstar Data on Multiples and Financials: This site, which is still in beta version, offers much promise. Once you register (which at the moment is free), you can obtain financial and market information on individual U.S. stocks and mutual funds.

    Morningstar Data on CD-ROM: This is not a free product, but it is one of the better comprehensive databases that you can get for your PC. It has financial and market information on about 800 stocks, and is remarkably easy to use for screening these stocks. They have a trial version which is pretty economical.

    Information for Other Markets: This is a comprehensive set of links to markets around the world.


    Beta estimation process: Few services do a better job of estimating betas than BARRA. While you might not be able to afford to subscribe to the beta estimation service, this site describes the process by which they come up with "fundamental" betas.

    Earnings Estimates & Analyst Reports

    Expected Growth Rates: There are several sites which report consensus growth estimates from analysts following companies. Zack's is one of the leading services for investment information. This site allows you to access information on recommendations and earnings estimates made by analysts following U.S. companies. Check out the aggregated earnings growth rate for the U.S. economy or the growth rate for any company. While this is a commercial service, it is currently offering a 30-day free trial period.

    Recommendations and Earnings Estimates on an Individual Company: This is also from Zack's and allows you to access analyst recommendations and estimates on an individual company.

    Macro Economic Data

    U.S. Economic Data and Forecasts: Most macro economic sites are pretty dry. This one, maintained by Mr. Yardeni, the Chief Economist for Deutsche Bank, provides a wealth of macro economic information in a visually appealing setting.

    Corporate Finance

    Capital Structure

    Corporate Ratings from S & P: Check out this site for updates from S&P on how they rate companies and averages for financial ratios by different ratings classes.

    Business Publications

    U.S.A. Today: If you are not too snobbish, try out this site from McPaper. It is surprisingly thorough and very well done.

    Interactive Wall Street Journal: This is a "must" for the financially inclined. It is not free but it is well worth the money, especially if you are the type that likes to cut articles out of their money and investing section.

    Financial World: This site, which includes the sports and brand name valuations mentioned above, has some interesting articles on investing.

    Bloomberg Personal: Bloomberg is my favorite data source for market and financial data. While this site cannot match the dedicated Bloomberg terminals, it does have enough information to be interesting. The Bloomberg magazine, which is on site, and requires the payment of a fee, provides insights into the use of the Bloomberg data terminals.

    Money Magazine: This is the site for Money magazine.

    Forbes: This is the site for the "capitalist tool". Forbes provides more investment articles than its competitors and is well worth a look.

    Fortune: Though Fortune, at times, is much more focused on corporate stories, it is indispensable as a source of in-depth company information.

    Financial Times: This is the site for the "Financial Times", the best source of information on European companies.

    New York Times Business: All the business news thats fit to print; seriously, this is one of the best business news sections around.

    Barron's: This weekly publication has a great compendium of technical and market indicators.

    Business Week: This publication has a good mix of market awareness (like Forbes) and corporate story telling (like Fortune).

    Worth Magazine: This magazine, designed for investors, has some great columnists (Peter Lynch is one)

    The Economist: This is, without exaggeration, the magazine to read if you want to stay on top of world news. Its country surveys are unmatched.

    Morningstar Net: This is a new magazine introduced by Morningstar that holds promise.

    Academic Journals, Publications and Other Research

    Working papers in Finance and Economics: This site has links to both abstracts and academic working papers in finance and economics.

    Journal of Finance: This is the journal of the American Finance Association. It has a mix of corporate finance, investment and capital market research.

    Journal of Financial Economics: This is the "other" significant finance journal.

    Calculators and Spreadsheets

    Option Calculators: This site allows you to value options, convertible bonds and warrants on line. It also provides links to other derivatives sites.



    If you are interested in getting any of these books, you can try or at your friendly neighbourhood bookstore - I am afraid it will not be in the bestseller section and you may have to look hard to find them... Oh, well... . Some of these books have dedicated web sites providing supporting material for the book. If you want to visit one of those web sites, click here:



    Menu Items

    Investment Fables (PHFT)
    Web Site for book (Coming soon)
    Investment Philosophies (Wiley)
    Web site for book
    Damodaran on Valuation (Wiley)
    Investment Valuation (Wiley)
    Description of Book
    Problems and Solutions
    Investment Valuation (Second Edition) (Wiley)
    Web site for book
    The Dark Side of Valuation (PHFT)
    Description of Book
    Dark Side of Valuation Web site
    Corporate Finance (First Edition) (Wiley)
    Description of Book
    Corporate Finance Theory Web Site
    Corporate Finance (Second Edition) (Wiley)
    Description of Book
    Corporate Finance 2nd Edition Web Site
    Investment Management (co-edited with Peter Bernstein)
    Description of Book
    Applied Corporate Finance: A User's Manual (Wiley)
    Description of Book
    Applied Corporate Finance Web Site






    Investment Philosophies  
    1. The Most and Least Volatile Stocks
    2. The Highest and Lowest Beta Stocks
    3. Highest R-squared companies
    4. Risk Premium for the United States
    5. Companies with AAA ratings
    Accounting Statements
    1. Companies with largest cash balances
    2. Firms with the highest returns on capital
    3. Most Levered firms
    The Basics of Valuation
    1. Main data page for datasets
    Trading and Taxes
    1. Stocks with highest Bid-ask Spreads
    2. Mutual funds with highest trading costs
    3. Mutual funds with highest tax drag on returns
    Market Efficiency
    1. Funds with highest Sharpe Ratios
    2. Funds with highest Treynor Indices
    Technical Analysis and Charting
    1. Stocks with highest relative strength
    2. Stocks with the biggest increase in trading volume
    Value Investing
    1. Stocks that pass the Graham screens
    2. Stocks with lowest price to book ratios
    3. Stocks with low price to book and high returns on equity
    4. Stocks with lowest PE ratios
    5. Stocks with lowest price to sales ratios
    6. Stocks with low price to sales and high margins
    7. Stocks with highest dividend yields
    8. Loser Stocks: Stocks that have gone down the most over last year.
    Growth Investing
    1. Stocks with highest expected growth
    2. Stocks with lowest PEG ratios
    3. Stocks with low PEG ratios and below average risk
    Information Trading
    1. Stocks with most insider holdings
    2. Stocks with the biggest increases in earnings per share over previous year.
    1. Price Limits and Contract specifications
    2. Most widely traded ADRs
    3. Most discounted closed end funds
    Market Timing
    1. PE Ratios for U.S stocks
    2. Intrinsic value of S&P 500 index
    3. Relative value of S&P 500 index
    4. Relative valuation of emerging markets
    1. Best performing mutual funds
    2. Funds with highest trading costs




    Investment Philosophies
    1. Introduction to Investing
    2. A venture capital fund's investment philosophy
    3. A growth newsletter's invstment philosophy
    1. What is risk?
    2. A Measure of Risk Tolerance
    3. Operating Risk as a Measure of Risk
    4. Market Risk and Time Horizon
    5. Investors must recall risk
    6. New Definitions of Risk
    7. Diversification matters
    8. Can you diversify and pick stocks at the same time?
    9. What makes your stock price go up or down?
    10. A contrary view on betas
    11. Margin for Safety.. An alternative to beta?
    Accounting Statements
    1. Measuring Earnings
    2. The Content of an Annual Report
    3. Low Points in Accounting History
    4. R& D's effects on earnings
    5. Smoothing Earnings
    6. Is this debt?
    7. One-time Write off?
    8. The Accounting Black Box
    9. The Practices of Five Companies: GE, Coke, AIG, Williams and IBM
    10. Warnings Signs in Earnings Reports
    The Basics of Valuation
    1. The Dividend Discount Model
    2. The dividend yield matters....
    3. Microsoft faces a call to pay dividends
    Trading and Taxes
    1. The Effect of Online Trading
    2. Turnover Ratios and Trading Costs
    3. Mutual Fund Expenses
    4. The Tax Efficiency of Funds
    5. Minimizing the Tax Effects of Fund Distributions
    6. The Cost of Trading
    7. Bid-Ask Spreads in the OTC Market
    Market Efficiency
    1. Biases in testing performance at mutual funds
    2. Survivor Bias in Mutual funds
    Technical Analysis and Charting
    1. Basics of Technical Analysis
    2. Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Numbers
    Value Investing
    1. The Effects of Hostile Takeovers
    2. The Effects of Spinoffs
    3. The Restructuring of Chase
    4. GM: A Restructuring Candidate
    Growth Investing
    1. Myths about valuing technology stocks
    2. Peter Lynch on growth stocks
    Information Trading
    1. The Effect of Information: The Case of Insider Trades
    Market Timing
    1. The Importance of Asset Allocation
    2. The Cost of Being Out of the Market
    3. Mutual Fund Cash Positions
    4. Greenspan on Market Timing
    5. A Poll of Money Managers
    6. Market Neutral Mutual Funds
    7. A Warning on the Market
    8. A Technical Warning on the Market
    9. Is the market's PE too high?
    10. Why investors are active
    1. Survival bias in mutual fund performance
    2. Bogle on picking mutual funds
    3. A Test of Market Rationality
    4. The Appeal of Indexing
    5. A Warning on Indexing
    6. The Effect of Indexing


    Emerging Financial Markets


    1. Macroeconomic Data

    The World Bank News, press releases, data and publications

    OECD: A good source for OECD member countries' economic data

    World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report 1998

    IMF:  Quick access to IMF members' latest data

    Foreign labor statistics home page : International data on wages and per capita incomes.

    Official Economic Statistics (Interest Rates, Foreign Reserves, Balance of Payments)

    2. Regional Economic Data

    Asian Development Bank Download macro data on most Asian countries.

    The South African Reserve Bank Download macro data on African countries.

    European Bank for Reconstruction and  Development macro data on most Latin countries.

    Inter American Development Bank Download macro data on most Latin countries.

    Economic Data on Latin America: More than 1400 Links to Latin American Finances

    IADB's economic, trade and social databases Comprehensive data on Latin America

    3. Bank Health

    Bank of International Settlements Full text BIS reports, data on countries' foreign assets and liabilities.

    The BIS Consolidated International Banking Statistics

    Joint BIS-IMF-OECD-World Bank statistics on external debt

    Institute of International Finance: Capital Flows to Emerging Market Economies

    The Maturity, Sectoral and Nationality Distribution of International Bank Lending

    Statistics on External Indebtedness (BIS/OECD)

    4. World Capital Market Data

    GLOBAL FINANCIAL DATA: Long Historical Data

    US Treasury Department WEB site: Data, speeches, reports

    US Federal Reserve System: Interest rate data, speeches, and reports

    Dr. Yardeni's Economics Network: Amazing amount of free information

    Bakaert and Harvey's Site on important financial and economic development

    5. Currency Data

    "Currencies of the World" (current market data around the world)

    Central Bank Survey of Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Market Activity

    Merrill Lynch Currency & Bond Market Trends: ML Research Report & Forecasts

    6. Country Credit Risk Ratings

    Fitch IBCA Country Credit Risk Ratings

    Moody's Investors Service  Country Credit Risk Ratings

    Standard & Poor's Ratings Services  Country Credit Risk Ratings

    Global Risk Assessments, Inc. Country risk Data

    Political Risk Services  Country risk indices.

    Euromoney Magazine Country risk indices.

    Oxford Analytica Inc. Custom country risk services.

    Transparency International Corruption Risk service.

    Rabid Tiger Project  Political Risk Consulting and Related Research

    Private and Official Sources of Political Risk Coverage

    The Overseas Private Investment Corporation an independent U.S. Government agency that sells investment services to assist U.S. companies investing around the world

    Country Risk Analysis Data by Campbell R. Harvey (Duke University)

    7. Equity Market Data

    Asian Equity Market Links with links to all Asia equity markets

    African Equity market Links with links to all African equity markets

    Eastern European Equity market Links with links to all European emerging equity markets

    Middle-East Equity Market Links with links to all Middle East equity markets

    Latin Equity Market Links with links to all Latin equity markets

    IFC: Tracks daily and weekly performance of emerging market stock indexes

    8. Mutual Fund Data

    IBC Financial Data:Comprehensive data for money market funds

    Morningstar: US mutual fund performance data.

    9. Emerging Market Bonds

    The Emerging Markets Companion: Very useful source for the global investor

    Bradynet: Brady bond data base and analysis






    Global Macroeconomics and Policy Site at the NYU




    Finance 460 Kellogg School


    Behavioral Finance


    Links to Researchers in Behavioral Finance

    Anomalies                    Investor Home Psychology

    Behavioral Finance Discussion Group

    Peter Greenfinch's web page of Behavioral finance

    Investor Psychology

    Behavioral Fund Management

    Risk Management and Value at Risk and Financial Forecasting

    Value at risk/Volatility

    Risk Management and Financial Engineering Lab (University of Florida)

    Risk Training

    SSRN Risk Management Papers Global Association of Risk Professionals

    Ursula Theiler

    Workshop: Integrated Risk Management

    International Conference: Risk Management and Quantitative Approaches in Finance (2005)

    All About Value at Risk

    Contingency Analysis            Books on Risk analysis and Financial Econometrics

    The Causes and Consequences of Recent Financial Market Bubbles

    European Society of Computational Methods in Science and Engineering (Financial Forecasting F2 Section)

    Financial Modeling with @Risk Palisade

    Financial Modeling with @Risk Books

    Finance and Macroeconomics

    Conference on Finance and Macroeconomics (San Francisco Fed, 2003)

    Money Macro and Finance Research Group

    Money, Macro and Finance Research Group 36th Annual Conference (2004) (Cass Bus. School)

    Department of Applied Economics (Cambridge)

    Futures Markets

    Futures markets and related sites

    Chicago Merc
    Chicago Board of Trade
    Kansas City Board of Trade
    NY Coffee Sugar and Cocoa Exchange. Has links not only to contract specifications, regulation etc. but also historical
    price information for Coffee, Sugar 11, Sugar 14, Cocoa, Cheddar Cheese, Milk and more in downloadable form (it
    seems to fit nicely into an Excel worksheet). There are graphs as well.
    A link to all futures exchanges
    Nice introductory materials on trading futures
    Charts and other data from a commodity broker
    Some material on basis from Sasketchewan
    William Margrabe (former Wharton professor, now in business) has a really amusing and interesting site


    Options-related sites

    Finance Watch has a nice Web site about derivatives.

    A site run by Numa Financial Systems offers on-line pricing models for options, warrants and convertibles. Also a lot of other information and a discussion forum.

    A site run by the Options Council provides links to the various options exchanges

    Implied volatility: . Wonderful site!

    The Chinese Economy

    China: Banking and Finance    

    Professional Expert: China Banking and Finance

    Asian Pacific Conference

    Some debates on China

    Center for Strategic & International Studies

    China Balance Sheet

    Lecture by Susan L. Shirk



    The European Union

    Commission of European Union

    The Euro Homepage             Foreign Labor Statistics

    Activities of European Union Enlargement



    Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID)              BLS FERRET

    2000 Census Data                        World Maps

    Occupation and Wage

    International Links

          Asia Crisis Home Page             Olsen & Associates (Exchange Rate Forecasts)

         Ministry of   Finance (Japan)                    International Economics Gateway

         Ministry of Economy (Argentina)             Global Economic Forum

        Currency Coverter                                     Mexican Peso Crises (World Bank)

        Ministry of Finance (Mexico)                     Reserve Bank of  New Zealand

       International Monetary Fund                       World Bank Group

       Reserve Bank of Australia                         EMU Homepage

      Emerging Markets                                      Asian Development Bank

      Virtual Library on Economic Development                  

    Development Economics                             Asian Economy Home Page

        Statistics Canada                                        Bank of Canada

    Foundations of Inernational Macroeconoics (Obstfeld and Rogoff)

    Asian Crises (Allen Meltzer's Homepage)              Asian Crises (PBS)

    Institute for International Economics (Washington DC)

    International Agencies and Information on the Web

    United Nations Development Program

    Foreign Government Resources on the Web

    Center For Pacific Basin Monetary and Economic Studies

    Information on EMU                             EURO Resource Page at Chicago Fed

    Country by Country Crises Updates

    Asian Development Bank                        The Bundesbank    

    Bank of England                                      WTO and World Trade (Seattle)                    

    WTO Mainpage (seattle)                           Kar-yiu Wong (homepage)

    Resources for International and Development Economics (Carlos Vegh, UCLA)

    Centre For Development Studies                 Institute of Social Studies

    The Russian Economy                                Foreign Exchange Trading

    Fixed Versus Flexible Exchange Rates (Friedman vs. Mundell)

    The Canadian Dollar: To Fix or Not

    The Euro Revolution                        International Research NetWork of International Economists

    Exchange Rate Arrangements by Type and Country

    History of Bretton Woods

     Bank of International Settlements (Links to Central Banks Around the World)



    Open Economy Macroeconomics

    B.Doyle's New Open Economy Macro webpage.

    Nouriel Roubini's Homepage

    Roubini's Open Economy Macro Course (Fall 2005)

    Giancarlo Corsetti's Recent Developments in Open Economy Macroeconomics

    Aykut Kibritcioglu's Open Economy Macroeconomics Homepage

    Joseph Joyce's International Financial Institutions Research Site at Wellesley College

    Santa Cruz Center for International Economics.

    Federal Reserve Board Working Paper series.

    Federal Reserve Board database of research.

    IMF publications.                            IMF Research Bulletins

    BIS publications.

    Social Sciences Research Network working paper database.


    Resources for Economists Extensive links to data sources, working papers and other economics departments around the

    Prof. Roubini's WebPage on Global Macro Issues

    IMF-World Bank Library
    New Economy/Open Economy links

    Jeffrey Frankel's Webpage                 Basics of Foreign Exchange and Trade

    Rcihard Levich's Homepage

    PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service Provides exchange rate data, including those for the new Euro.

    J.P. Morgan This site provides world financial data.

    Morgan Stanley Global Economic Forum Commentary on international macro issues.

    Giancarlo Corsetti's Euro Webpage

    Carlos Vegh's Webpage with Resources for Int'l & Development Economists.

    Energy and Macro Links

    Congressional Research Service reports via CNIE.

    Current Macro News

    Financial Times online

    Veitch's Useful sites

    Emerging Markets and Country Risk

    Country Risk Analysis

    A Chronology of Important Financial, Economic and Political Events in Emerging Markets

    Compiled by Geert Bekaert and Campbell R. Harvey

    Last Updated: November 23, 2002




    Growth and Business Cycle Links

       Economic Statistics Briefing Room                              The Conference Board

        Great Resources for Economic Growth            NBER Dating Business Cycles

        Economic Cycle Research Institute                    Economic Growth Resources

        Changing Nature of Business Cycles Volume from Reserve Bank of Australia

        Bureau of Economic Analysis                                     Employment Statistics

        Glossery of Business Cycle Indicators                        Economic Report of the President

        Links to Macroeconomic Data and Analysis                Fred Data Base (St. Louis Fed)

        Business Cycle Indicator Homepage                            Economic Growth Research

        Conference Board Business Cycle Indicators               Business Cycle Indicators (II)

        Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycle Home Page

       Computational Methods for the Study of Dynamic Economies (R. Marimon)

       Recursive Models of Dynamic Linear Economics (Lars Peter Hansen and Thomas Sargent)

        Recursive Macroeconomic Theory (Manuscript) by Lars Ljungqvist and Thomas Sargent

        Business Cycle Indicators                            OECD Economic Surveys

        Economic Growth Resource Page

        2) International Economic Policy Coordination

       "Macroeconomic Policy Coordination Among Industrial Countries," Gilles Oudiz and Jeffrey Sachs, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 1984:1

    (3) When Do Expansions End?

    Economic Report of the President, 1996, Chapter 2 (see pages 25-29) 7

    "Business Cycle Duration Dependence: A Parametric Approach," Daniel Sichel,
    Review of Economics and Statistics , May 1991.

    Who Will Pay?
    Coping with Aging Societies, Climate Change,

    and Other Long-Term Fiscal Challenges

    Peter S. Heller

    Economic Growth Resources: Jonathan Temple


    Applied Econometric Course


    Module 1                 Module 2            Module 3            Files

    Economic History

      Economic History Service                     Bradford DeLong's Website

        Semi-daily Journal of J-Brad Delong        Economic History Encyclopedia

    Productivity and Economic Growth

        Summers and Heston's Penn World Tables                     Job Creation and Employment

        Downsizing of America                                                   Speaches by Secretary of Labor

       Global Economic Forum                                                 Productivity and Costs (BLS)

        Economic Growth Research                                    Economic Growth Papers and Datasets

        Center for the Study of Living Standards                     International Productivity Monitor

        Understanding Economic Growth (Finance and Development; March 2006)

    (1) What's Behind the Recent Surge in Productivity Growth?

    "Computers and Aggregate Economic Growth: An Update," Daniel Sichel, Business
    Economics , April 1999.

    "The Resurgence of Growth in the Late 1990s: Is Information Technology the Story?"
    Stephen Oliner and Daniel Sichel , Federal Reserve Board Working Paper, May 2000.

    "Information Technology and the U.S. Economy," Dale W. Jorgenson, American Economic Review, March 2001.

    "Information Technology and Productivity: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?" Federal Reserve Board Working Paper, May 2002.

    Monetary Theory and Policy

       Beige Book                                                 Purpose and Function of The Federal Reserve

        Minutes of the FOMC                                 Humphrey-Hawkins Report to Congress

        Central Banking Resource Center              National Bureau of Economic Research

        National Updates on the Economy with Charts (Dallas Fed)

        Board of Governors Homepage                N.Y. Fed Points

        History of Money                                       Purposes and Functions of the Fed

        Cleveland Fed (Research)                         Fed in Print (SF Fed)

        Other Federal Reserve Banks                 Central Banking Resource Center

        MidWest Economy Features (Chicago Fed)

        New York Federal Reserve                    US Data Presentation (Dallas Fed)

        Federal Reserve Financial Services            Financial Services Readings

        US Treasury                                             FAIR MODEL

         History of Money                                     Fed's Purpose and Function (PDF file)

        Monetary Policy Links                             FOMC

        Membership of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve (1913-2005)

        Foreign Central Banking                           Implementation of Monetary Policy (PDF files)         

        Monetary Policy (SF Fed)                         Beige Book (Current Economic Conditions)

        Evolution of the Payments System               Information on Treasury Securities

        The Basics of Bonds                                   Bloomberg Financial Yield Curve

         Moody's Investment Service                   Assets and Liabilities of US Commercial Banks

        Reserves and Monetary Base                     Components of RGDP

        Bank of England Inflation Report             Bank of Canada Monetary Policy Report

       Economy at a Glance from BLS                Whitehouse Briefing Room (Econ. Statistics)

        Buy Money Directly From Bureau of Printing and Engraving

        The New $20 Bill                                     The US Mint

        Bureau of Printing and Engraving             Fed Monetary Data Release H6

        Fed Interest Rate Data Release H15         Yahoo Finance Page

        Factors Affecting Reserve Balances        Fed Challenge         Winner (2002) of Fed Challenge

        Federak Reserve Corner                        Carole Scott's Homepage

        Richard Hannah's Homepage                  Thomas Cook's Homepage

       Rick Nelson's Homepage                        David Cleeton's Homepage

       History of US Currency                            Monetary Transmission Mechanism NY FED

        Historical Fed Funds Rate Targets            FED POINTS

       Interest Rates: An Introduction       ABCs of Interest

        History of Money in the US                             What Determines Interest Rates

       Foreign Exchange and the US Dollar                  Economic Policy Reports (EPR Summary) (NY FED)

        The Fed Our Central Bank                                     The Fed Today

        Purposes and Functions of the Fed                        Fed System in Brief

        Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act                                     Intro to Monetary Policy

        Understanding Open Market Operations                 Dallas Fed: Expand Your Insights

        Monetary Policy and Uncertainty: Adapting to a Changing Economy (2003 FRB Kansas City)

        Other Symposiums (KC Fed)                        Changes in Federal Funds Rate and Discount Rate

        European Central Bank Educational Web Site

        Econ Ed On Line (San Francisco Fed)

        Inside the Vault  (St. Louis Fed)

        Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (On Reserve)

        Federal Funds Rate Predictions (Cleveland Fed)

        FAQ about Federal Funds Rate Futures

    Central Banking


        Mark Bernkorf's Central Banking Center            Pierre Siklos Central Banking Page

        Reserve Bank of Australia                Conference on central banking at Riksbank

        Transmission of Monetary Policy I  (Papers at Central Bank of Canada)  

        Transmission of Monetary Policy II (Papers at Central Bank of Canada)

        Bank of International Settlements (Links to Central Banks Around the World)

       Frontiers in Central Banking (Conference: May 11-13, 2007 National Bank of Hungary in Budapest Hungary)

        Central Bank of Canada

        Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Jackson Hole Symposium

        Works of Ben Bernanke            Mark Thoma on Ben Bernanke

    Predicting Recession using T-bond rates and Fed funds rate

    International Monetary Fund

    Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

    World Bank

    International Finance Corporation

    Bank for International Settlements

    Bank of Japan

    Bank of Canada

    European Central Bank

    European Union


    Bank of England

    Basel II Material

    International Journal of Central Banking

    Why don't Banks Fail Anymore?

    Common Place (An online history Journal) Special issue on history of money

    Inflation Targeting and Price Stability


        Conference I at Central Bank of Canada            Conference II at Central Bank of Canada


    Writings About Ben Bernanke


    Inflation Targeting: A New Framework for Monetary Policy?
    Research: NBER, Ben S. Bernanke and Frederic S. Mishkin, Jul 1997

    The Global Saving Glut and the U.S. Current Account Deficit
    Analysis: Federal Reserve, Governor Ben S. Bernanke, Mar 10, 2005

    Monetary Policy and Asset Price Volatility
    Research: Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Ben Bernanke and Mark Gertler, 1999

    Should Central Banks Respond to Movements in Asset Prices?
    Research: American Economic Review, Ben S. Bernanke and Mark Gertler, 2001

    Deflation: Making Sure "It" Doesn't Happen Here
    Analysis: Federal Reserve, Remarks by Governor Ben S. Bernanke, Nov 22, 2002

    Monetary Policy Alternatives at the Zero Bound: An Empirical Assessment
    Research: Federal Reserve, Ben S. Bernanke, Vincent R. Reinhart, and Brian P. Sack, Sept 2004

    Inside the Black Box: The Credit Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission
    Research: NBER, Ben S. Bernanke, Mark Gertler, Jun 1995

    The Federal Funds Rate and the Channels of Monetary Transmission
    Research: JSTOR, Ben S. Bernanke, Alan S. Blinder, Sep, 1992

    What Explains the Stock Market's Reaction to Federal Reserve Policy?
    Research: Federal Reserve, Ben S. Bernanke and Kenneth N. Kuttner, Oct 2003





    International Finance and Trade

    Obstfeld-Rogoff Solution manual available online                         The Target Zone Database

    IMF publications and statistics

    Werner Antweiler's Pacific exchange rate service                 International Trade Services

    Nouriel Roubini's global macroeconomics pages                 US Tariff Schedule

    Bank of Canada                                         The Debate About Dark Matter

    Mick Devereux's M.A. course at UBC

    Charles Engel's Ph.D. course at Wisconsin

    Maury Obstfeld's Ph.D. course at Berkeley

    Lars Svensson's research page (including how to escape from a
    liquidity trap)

    Foundations of International Macroeconomics, Maurice Obstfeld and Kenneth Rogoff (MIT Press)

    An Introduction to the Theory and Empirical Methods of International Macroeconomics and Finance, Nelson Mark (Basil
    Blackwell) (Gauss programs and data are also available.)

    Eurostat (Official Statistics from the European Community)

    European Economic Data from Europages

    Textbooks by Daniels and Vanhoos


    Academic Consortium on International Trade



    Business & Economics Society International



    Global Trade Analysis Project, Thomas Hertel



    Hong Kong Economic Association



    International Center for Economic Growth



    Inframarginal Economics

    International Economics Network
    International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences
    International Economics Section, Princeton, Gene Grossman



    International Economics Study Center



    International Financial Institutions



    Institute for Trade Studies & Research



    Research Center for International Economics



    Research Papers in Economics



    Social Science Research Network


    History of Economic Thought Links


    History of Economic Thought_1


    The New School for Social Research –

    McMaster University Archive for the History of Economic Thought –  

    UK’s Higher Education Academy –

    Center for the History of Political Economy (CHOPE) –

    Subscribing to SHOE (Societies for the History of Economics) –





    Some Useful Websites

            Financial Times Newspaper (15 week subscription available for $21.95 at

            Economist Magazine  (articles accessed through ABI/Inform database on sfu library website-look for research tools then databases by field under economics)

            World Bank.

            International Monetary Fund (IMF) 

            OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)

            United Nations (see section on Economic and Social Development)

            World Trade Organization

     Global Competitiveness Report (2006-2007) World Economic Forum

    For US Ranking see here

    Globalization Institute

    There are a large number of websites devoted to the broader issues surrounding the concept of globalization, many of them quite critical of the

    Economic, social and political consequences of globalization. Two you may find interesting are:



     Richard Harris Lectures

     Commanding Heights

    Private Sector Development Blog

    Podcasts and Webcasts on Globalization

    Institute for Humane Studies

    Yale Global Online

    World Economic Outlook 2006 (Globalization and Inflation)

    The Euro and the Dollar in a Globalized Economy (Santa Cruz Conference May 26, 2006)

    Fiscal Policy

    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities                  National Budget Simulator                              

    Federal Budet of the US (1998)                            Concord Coalition

    A Visual Depiction of the Federal Budget Deficit        Peter G. Peterson Foundation

    Debt Clock                                    Federal Budget Trade-offs (Opportunity Costs of Spending on a state by state basisi)

    Washington Watch (Tracks bills in Congress and looks at their costs and savings)

    A Nice Pictorial representation of the US budget        Debt Clock

    The Federal Budget (See if you can do a better job!)        National Debt Clock

    Bureau of the Public Debt                     Tax Foundation

    Citizens against Government Waste

    Federal Revenue and Spending: A Book of Charts: Heritage Foundation

    US Budget for 2001                                 CBO

    Generational Accounting (CBO)

    Find Tax Rates in Euprean Countries            Department of the Treasury

    National Budget Simulator                             Council of Economic Advisors

    Office of Tax Policy Research (Univ. of Michigan)

    The Bush Tax Cut: One Year Later (by William Gale and Samara Potter, Brookings Institution Policy Brief, June 2002)

    The Budget Outlook: Options for Restoring Fiscal Discipline (by Alan Auerbach, William Gale, and Peter Orzag, Brookings Institution Policy Brief, June 2002)

    How Big is the Prospective Budget Surplus? (by Alan Auerbach and William Gale, Brookings Institution Policy Brief, September 2000)

    Budget and Economic Outlook: An Update (Congressional Budget Office, August 2002)

    The Budget and Economic Outlook, Fiscal Years 2003-2012 (Congressional Budget Office, January 2002)

    A 125-Year Picture of the Federal Government's Share of the Economy, 1950-2075 (CBO Policy Brief, Revised July 2002)

    Housing Bubble and Mortgage Interest Deduction

    Summary of Individual Tax Data

    1) Tax Cuts and Inflation

    "Fiscal Policy and Inflation," Betty C. Daniel, Economic Letter, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, July 13, 2001.

    (2) Social Security Readings and Information

    Social Security and the Federal Budget (Andrew Eschtruth, Boston College Retirement Center Policy Brief, October 2000)

    The Impact of Trust Fund Programs on Federal Budget Surpluses and Deficits (CBO Policy Brief, November 2002)

    Social Security and the Federal Budget: The Necessity of Maintaining a Comprehensive Long-Range Perspective (CBO Policy Brief, August 2002)

    The Looming Budgetary Impact of Society's Aging (CBO Policy Brief, July 2002)

    Social Security Trustees Report 2002

    "How Would Financial Risk Affect Retirement Income Under Individual Accounts?" Gary Burtless, Boston College Retirement Center Policy Brief, October 2000.

    History of Social Security in the US

    Dynamic Scoring

    Finance Links

        CBOE Home Page                                      Information About CFA                Analyst forum

        Financial Management Institute (FMI)

        CFA Institute  CFA Program                                   Order Books for CFA Exams

        Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA)                The Boston Security Analysts Society

        Institute of Management Accountants IMA (This includes CMA and CFM designations)

        Gleim Review Course for CPE, CPA, CMA/CFM, CIA, EA

        CFP (Certified Financial Planner)                 Financial Services Institutute (CFP study)

        CFP Board of Standards                          Licensed International Financial Analyst (LIFA)

        Global Association of Risk Professionals  Financial Risk Management (FRM) Certification Schweser Site:

        GARP: FRM Financial Risk Management    Certificate in Investment Performance Management: CIPM

        CMA and CFM                                                 Gleim (CFM and CMA)

        CAIA (certification in alternative investment)

         CFA                                                               Schweser Study Plan for CFA

        Allen Resources (Study for CFA)                   Excel Study Program

        Tom Gosnell's Homepage (CFA)                 FINPREP (prep for CFA) (Thomas Gosnell, OSU)

        Financial Prep For CFA                                 Allen Resources (CFA Prep)

        Assoc. of Investment Management Research (Financial Analyst Journal)


    Here is the channel of Mark Meldrum (The CFA level 1 2017), when you click on his playlist you will see all the videos.


    Here is the channel of the FRM videos 


        Digital Financier                                        Virtual Finance Library (Ohio State Univ.)

        Career Opportunities in Finance                 Company and Financial Data

        Finance Student Information                      Public Register's Annual Report Service

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         Financial Planning Calculator                 Aetna ING         Security National Bank

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        NASDAQ/AMEX    PHLX     NYSE        STOCK QUOTES         Paineweber

       Candlestick Stock Analysis             *Greenlining Institute                     Lycos (Live charts for stocks)

        INSIGHTFULINVESTOR            JEREMY SIEGEL COM             More stock charts

        History of the Black-Scholes Model

        AMEX         NASDAQ         NYSE     THE STREET.COM

        Campbell R. Harvey's Glossary of Finance Terms

        Wall Street Research Net (info on individual stocks)

       Finance Dept. (NYU) Finance Links

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        Courses in Finance at Ohio State University

        Live Quotes

        Dalton Publications For CFP                 Stock Market Valuation Model

        S&P Global                 Standard and Poor's International Markets

    CNNfn Yahoo!Finance Bloomberg WSJ FT Behavioural Finance APT Annual Report Gallery
    Market Guide Wall Street Research Net NYSE AMEX NASDAQ
    NY Fed Philadelphia Stock Exchange CBOE Chicago Mercantile Exchange


    Journal of Finance Journal of Financial Economics Review of Financial Studies CNNfn Yahoo!Finance
    Bloomberg WSJ FT Behavioural Finance
    APT Annual Report Gallery Market Guide Wall Street Research Net
    Philadelphia Stock Exchange Chicago Board Options Exchange Chicago Mercantile Exchange Amex


    Finance Databases

    Jay Ritter's IPO Data                              Financial Data Finder (Ohio State Univ.)

    Links to Financial Market Data (NABE)           Economic and Financial Data at Boston College

    Bureau of Labor Statistics     St. Louis Federal Reserve

    Federal Reserve Board        Stat-USA

    Morgan Stanley (MSCI)        Dow Jones Indexes

    G. William Schwert                 Kenneth French

    Jay Ritter                                 Robert Shiller

    Campbell Harvey                     Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP)

    Wharton Research Data Services        

    Financial Derivatives

        Numa Financial Systems                         Chicago Board of Trade

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        Global Financial Data (Purchase International Data)

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    Mathematical Finance

            Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

           Courant Institute (NYU)                         Quantitative Finance (NYU)

            MS in Mathematical Finance (NYU)

    Commercial Banking

        FDIC             Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at SMU

        Scott MacDonald (SWGSB)                        Statistics on Banking

        South Carolina Bankers Association            Office of Thrift Supervision

        American Bankers Association                     Important Banking Legislation

        Federal Reserve Regulations                        Banking Policy

        Commerical Bank and Bank Holding Company Database (Chicago Fed)

        SW School of Banking

    Economic Links For the Classroom

        Wall Street Journal (classroom)                         Economic Trends (Cleveland Fed)

        Wall Street Journal (Interactive)                             Interest Rate and Exchange Rate Charts

        Government Printing Office                                 Ed Yardeni's Economic Network

        Consumer Price Indexes (From BLS)                  The Yield Curve and Economic Growth

        What is a Dollar Worth (CPI Calculator)             Simulations of Macroeconomic Policies

        Cost of Living Debate (CPI debate)                     Ray Fair Model For Simulations

       Productivity Growth Slowdown                             Resources For College Teaching

        Business Cycle Properties of Major Economic Variables

        Economic Report of the President                     Economics Text on the Web

        Measuring GNP and GDP                                  Economic Data on the Reagan Years

        Polyconomics                                                      Yahoo's Economics Listings

        Econweb (Macro + Micro)                                Data and Story Library

        Close Up Foundation                                          Inflation Converter I

       Inflation Converter II                                           Good Links from Colby College

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        Rate My (50 hottest Professors)

        Policy Seminar (1999)                                        Dismal Scientist

        Foundation for Teaching Economics                   Economeister (Economic News)

       Economics Search (Tutorials for textbooks and many other links)

        ECONWEB (Macro+Micro Notes)                    Factory Tours

       Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (Review of Coverage and NY Times and Wash. Post)

        NOVA (PBS)                                     MacroWeb (Summary of Macro articles)                                         The Teaching Economist

        World Lectures         State-Space Models, Regime-Switching, and Identification

        Bryan Caplan's Armchair Economist Link (George Mason Univ)

        Economics Club                        Careers in Economics

        Tech Central       

        BLS How much Buying Power would $100 in 1950 would have today?   

        Inflation Calculator       

        Videos on the Web

    Tutoring and Instruction

    The Digital Economist This site has tutoring for both Macro and Microeconomics.   


    Economics Interactive Tutorial Provides tutoring on production costs, supply and demand, elasticity, monopoly and risk aversion.  Found by Malka Faershtein. 


    Econlinks This page has links to everything: Articles, data, online texts, career options, even jokes!  Look towards the bottom of the page for a link for tutoring.  Found by Marine Abdunuryan.


    AmosWeb Explanations of economic terms, ask Mr. Economy a question, or try some multiple choice test questions.


    Cybereconomics This is an on-line textbook covering both micro and macroeconomics. 


    Game Theory Page  Professor David Levine's game theory page.  Towards the bottom of the page there are links to games you can play against the computer


    Coase Theorem A detailed explanation of the Coase Theorem by David Friedman,  David Friedman is an excellent economist in his own right and is the author of "Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life." 


    Teach Me Finance A good page if you are taking a finance class.  Found by David Rowland.


    Commanding Hights                Economics USA



    Economic Institutions

       Brookings Institutte For Economic Studies         Bank of America

        Free Market Institute           Brookings Institute    Jerome Levy Economics Institute




    Al Roth's Game Theory and Experimental Economics Page

    Micro/Industry Sites    

    Game Theory                G3 Auctions

    Econometrics and Statistics

    Econometrics Laboratory Software Archives (Univ. Calif. Berkeley)                Statistica (statsoft)

    American Statistical Association                            Journal of Applied Econometrics

    State-Space Models With Regime-Switching             MATLAB (Mathworks)             Matlab Resrouces

    Undergraduate Econometrics (Hill, Griffiths, and Judge)   MATLAB (Statistics)

    Databases and Electronic Journals (FinWeb)                 Terms in statistics (Definitons)

    Resources for Economists (RFE)                         Econometric Institute

    The Econometrics Journal                            Journal of Statistical Education

    Ecometrics Links and data                             Software Links (Matlab, Ox, Splus, etc)

    Journal of Applied Statistics                     Journal of Business and Economic Statistics

    Data and programs for Journal of Business and Economic Statistics

    Scientific Word                                         Society for Computational Economics

    The Econometric Society (Econometrica)             A Statistic Course on the Web

    Institute for Statsitics and Econometrics (Berlin)            Matlab and Gauss Code for RBC Models

    Department of Statistics and Econometrics (Madrid)         Granger Center at Nottingham

    Tingergen Institute (Netherlands)                        

    National Research Center on Quantification and Simulation of Economic Processes

    Midwest Econometrics Group Homepage

    International Economics and Finance Society

    2003 Summer Econometrics Society Meetings

    2002 North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society

    2002 Proceedings of the Summer North American Meetings of Econometric Society

    2003 North American Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society

    Computing in Economics and Finance, 2002

    North American Econometrics Society Summer Meetings (2001) Univ. of Maryland

    Notes For Nonlinear Dynamic Processes, stochastic calculus, and time series

    Handbook of Econometrics                             Darlington's Homepage at Cornell

    Econometric Books    

    MAximum Likelihood COintegration analysis of Linear Model (MALCOLM)

    William Barnett's Recommendations        List of Econometricians

    Petterson's Introduction to applied Econometrics (Data sets)

    Electronic Statistics Textbook (Statsoft)                 Elements of Statistics with applications to Economics (J. Ramsey)

    Rankings of Econometric Journals

    Notes for Statistics for Economists                         Statistics Book On Line

    International Society for Bayesian Analysis             Statsoft Web Book

    Numerical Methods in Economics By Ken Judd        Michael Murray Monte Carlo Simulator

    Advances in Econometrics                                Econometric Rankings

    Highly Cited Researchers

    Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics (SNDE)


    Advances in Econometrics (Thomas Fomby and Carter Hill)

    Data Mining Software for Excel

    Cytel Statistical Software

    Data Mining in Excel N.R. Patel (2003)

    Econometric Resources on the Internet (by John Kane)

    Conference to Honor the 25th Anniversary of Seminal Research by Stephen Beveridge and Charles R. Nelson
    March 31–April 1, 2006



    Spatial Econometrics

    Paul Elhorst         LeSage    Spatial Econometrics   Spatial Statistics





    Text Books on Line


    Statistic Book on Line

    An Online Course in Macroeconomics by Nouriel Roubini

    Macroeconomic Policy in a World Economy online book by John Taylor

    Understanding the International Macroeconomy online book by David Miles and Andrew Scott

    The Economics Net-TextBook by Ted Black

    Macroeconomics tutorial and data by Manfred Gartner



    Links to Econometrics and Statistical Software

    Links to Econometric Software (NABE)

    Links To Most Econometric and Statistical Software Packages

    STAMP 5.0 (Andrew Harvey's Structural Time Series)

     Mike Cliff's GMM Matlab code


           Kostas Kyriakoulis GMM Matlab toolbox


    Econometric Links                         Catalog of Econometric Software

    Econometric links at Econometrics Journal (conferences)

    Eric Zivot's GAUSS Homepage     MALCOLM (Cointegration with RATS)


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