Why Study Warren Buffett?

Warren Buffett stands alone by not developing a unique business but rather by investing in parts of businesses through the stock market and wholly owned businesses as his enterprise, Berkshire Hathaway, prospered into one of the world’s largest and most profitable enterprises.

The Sessions

More than twelve in-depth sessions explore the extraordinary life of a financial, management, business and charitable legend. The first session is an introductory briefing of what will be taught to Executive MBA students and lifelong learners of all ages from around the world. Most if not all, other titans in business and philanthropy have amassed their wealth through the timely development of a product or service or the old fashion way – by inheritance. In stark contrast, Berkshire Hathaway is a holding company with a tiny corporate office of a few dozen providing a fascinating field of study.

The Genius

This presentation answers the questions: Why all investors should study Warren Buffett? What unique gifts of birth, combined with well-developed character traits and habits, have enabled him to become one of the world’s most successful investors and most admired chief executives? An introductory look into the principles and practical methods used by the world’s greatest investor, C.E.O., chairman, director, philanthropist and educator. Learn how Warren Buffett began with $100 and turned it into a multi-billion dollar fortune without ever starting his own business, developing a patent, taking an enormous salary or issuing management stock options.

The Style

Gain insights into his unique and uncommon management style. Understand how Buffett created a world class board of directors. Explore fascinating aspects of his life, character, reputation and ethics. Review Warren Buffett’s mistakes and recognize that even the wisest are not free of errors.

The Valuation

A simple yet effective business valuation method will be revealed that was taught to him by his graduate school professor using very simple math skills. And see how this technique has been successfully used in his five decade long acquisitions that have built Berkshire Hathaway into one of the largest and most profitable global enterprises.

The Pitch

Learn how his vast fortune is thoughtfully distributed to those less fortunate. Hear from former course graduates who pitched an investment idea as part of the final examination and Investment Challenge Contest.

Although this is a graduate level university course exclusively designed for Executive MBA students and UNO graduates, Lifelong Learners of all ages may enjoy this program.

Summit Series

Registered attendees to this course may enjoy attending the Summit Series exploring more in-depthly various Genius of Buffett topics, like Corporate Values and the Value Investor Conference after the spring event.

More info here: www.valueinvestorconference.com