Will Mr. Buffett be attending this class?

No. Mr Buffett did take the inaugural 2011 Fall UNO Executive MBA class along with a dozen Lifelong Learners to lunch to listen to their final presentations and answer their questions. That is likely to be the ONLY time he participates. Please DO NOT register for this course if you are doing so in order to meet, pitch an investment idea or ask Mr. Buffett questions. This seminar is designed for those interested in a concentrated study of the life of Warren Buffett.

I am a graduate of the Genius of Warren Buffett Course, is it okay to repeat the class?

Yes, several Executives and Lifelong Learners have decided to repeat the program in order to: (1) better understand the blind business valuation examples, (2) listen to the guest speakers, (3) participate in the Investment Challenge Contest, and (4) meet and interact with Buffett followers from across the globe.

For the final presentation assignment, the Investment Challenge Contest, can we present a private or public company even if we don't know if the owners are looking or willing to sell?

Yes it's okay to present a company that fits Berkshire's acquisition criteria even if you don't know if the current owners and or the management are willing to sell. The Investment Challenge Contest is open to all participants of the Genius class and may include a privately held or public company located anywhere in the world.

Are laptops permitted in the class?

Yes laptops are permitted in class, however no recording devices are allowed. Out of respect, we ask that participants close their electronic devices when guest speakers are offering question and answer sessions. For your convenience, each desk has power with easy plug in. The state of the art Executive MBA classroom suite is equipped with wifi and executive adjustable chairs.

How much time or how many examples will we cover for valuing businesses and stocks purchased by Berkshire Hathaway? Also I'm very familiar with discounted cash flow analysis (DCF) and use it often, but was wondering if the program goes beyond this?

The course offers as many as 10 blind valuations where participants are provided with the balance sheet and income statement of companies that Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway purchased at the time of purchase. After each valuation, the person with the best estimate to what was actually paid will explain to the rest of the class how it was calculated. DCF is one method used but there are several others and is surprisingly simple. We spend approximately 15 minutes on each valuation exercise at the end of each session. We also will do open valuations with the company name, date and acquisition price known. Small group, class discussion and guest experts help explain the valuations.

Is it better to take the fall (3 non-consecutive weekends) or the spring (3 consecutive days) course?

To save time and money you might consider taking the spring class over 3 consecutive days instead of the fall class over 3 non consecutive weekends. The spring class has attracted international shareholders representing all 6 continents and over 25 countries so it has a more global perspective. Although more expensive to commute to Omaha, the fall class offers more time 36 hours instead of 24, experienced and talented Executive MBA students from the local community, more time for reading in-between sessions, more time for follow up questions and more time for the lessons to be adequately comprehended. We highly recommend the fall course but understand the challenge and expense of commuting.

Do you offer this course anywhere else in the USA or world?

Sorry at this time the University of Nebraska Omaha, College of Business Administration is the only location. We are considering offering this comprehensive course overseas.

How much more valuation time would I get in the fall vs. the spring?

Since the fall class has 12 more hours there is more time to cover everything more in-depth. The fall offers more for the same registration fee but if you don’t live near Nebraska, it does have the added expense and time of commuting to Omaha for 3 long weekends. In the fall as many as 12 Lifelong Learners traveled from 7 states and Mumbai, India to attend this one of a kind program. In the fall, it is possible to commute to Omaha on Friday morning and depart Saturday afternoon and only be away from your home and your office for three non-consecutive Friday nights.


Mammel Hall offers plenty of free parking. Normal 'Student Permit Only' parking will be relaxed during class hours for Lifelong Learners and other non enrolled students.


Dress casual and feel like you are going back to school. Business casual is also appropriate. Some prefer business attire for their final presentations but it is not required.


Our official hotel is the DoubleTree Suites Hotel by Hilton. The all suite hotel, a short distance from Mammel Hall (72nd and Cedar), offers a special UNO rate (minimum stay required during Berkshire week). Contact (+1) 402-397-5141.


There will be assigned reading (no more than 200 pages) for MBA candidates but the reading homework will be optional for Lifelong Learners. Some of the special guest lecturers will be distinguished authors so reading their books in advance will help participants get more out of each session.

Grades/Credit Hours

MBA candidates and enrolled students of UNO will be graded and receive 4 credit hours upon successful course completion, which includes mandatory attendance, an Investment Challenge Contest presentation and researching and writing an Investment Research Report. Lifelong Learners will not be graded and will receive a 'Certificate of Business Excellence' at the end of the course.

Instructor Office Hours

For further explanation and understanding, the Instructor is available for office hours before and after each scheduled class.


Sorry this course will NOT be available on the Internet.

Dates and Times

The spring seminar (24 hours) will held on (3) three consecutive days; Monday through Wednesday, immediately proceeding Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting. Class hours are 8 am to 5 pm with a catered lunch served each day. The Spring course includes a Welcome Dinner, Executive MBA Classroom Suite tour and a brief introduction. The fall course (36 hours) will be held over (3) three non-consecutive weekends. Class hours are Fridays 3 pm to 9 pm with a catered dinner and Saturdays 8 am to 2 pm with a catered lunch.

Guest Speakers

The course includes a variety of guest speakers including Buffett CEOs, Berkshire subsidiary employees, authors, and investment managers. Course topics may change depending on speaker availability. This popular ‘Professor for the Day’ series offers a contrast between the practical real world business experiences against the typical and widely held academic theories. Guest Speaker Code of Conduct: Electronic device use, individual autograph and photo requests along with private gifts and messages to guest presenters are strictly forbidden.

Business Valuation

Each lecture will include a valuation of a business purchased by Berkshire Hathaway. Students will be given certain details about the investment at the time of the actual acquisition, understand how it was valued and determine why it was purchased.


Each participant agrees to respect the intellectual property of the course content and will keep all in class material and discussion confidential. Class participants agree not to use content of this program for commercial or educational use or post anywhere on the Internet without the written consent of the instructor. No recordings are permitted and the content, particularly the valuation exercises, must remain inside the classroom. This course is designed for personal use as well as professional development.


This course is carefully designed for private investors of all ages and backgrounds as well as professional investment managers. The program is not well suited for get rich quick schemes, investment promoters, investing trainers, day traders, high frequency computer trading strategies, technical and chart analysts, investment activists, short sellers, option and momentum traders.

About UNO Executive MBA

The University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Business Administration Executive MBA program is the 13th oldest in the United States. Established in 1975, the program has nearly 500 graduates residing all over the globe. On average, participants are 39 years old and bring 16 years of practical work experience with them into the classroom. Many students have held or hold mid-to-upper level management positions for their firms and come with a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate level disciplines including technology, engineering and healthcare.

Less than 50% of the current class has undergraduate degrees in business, therefore, providing a unique mix of industry knowledge and background that fosters interesting discussions and enhances the learning opportunities for all students.

Lifelong Learners from around the globe range from professional money managers to health care consultants. Like the Executives, each participant brings a unique skill set to the classroom. Everyone in the room assists in the education process with thoughtful questions, instructor challenges, session end reviews, team discussions and final presentations.


The instructor reserves the right to dismiss anyone from the course who does not meet the guest speaker code of conduct, confidentiality and or suitability requirements.