About Genius of Warren Buffett

The course has been designed for students of all ages including: Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, senior managers, entrepreneurs, private investors, investment professionals, association executives, foundation leaders, corporate directors, family offices and generally for those with a curiosity and fascination of Warren Buffett, to join with UNO graduate students to explore an in-depth evaluation of the life, character, investment, management, business, and charitable career of one of the greatest business leaders of all time.

Lifelong Learning

Commuting from all over North America and the world, Lifelong Learners for personal enrichment have been given special permission by the Dean to participate in this unique one-of-a-kind graduate level course.

They are not enrolled in the university, but instead are students of any age and background with the desire to participate, learn and study the life of Warren Buffett. There is no college requirement for Lifelong Learners, although many have graduate and even doctoral and medical degrees. What everyone has in common is a curious desire to understand, share and teach.

Lifelong Learners will be assigned to a team combining their worldly experience with graduate and executive students for in class discussion, projects and the final presentation. Upon successful completion MBA students will earn 4 credit hours towards their degree, Lifelong Learners will receive a Certificate of Business Excellence.

Diverse Backgrounds

Executives and Lifelong Learners come with a diversity of backgrounds and disciplines, which adds a great deal to the value of the program. Some born half a world away, others hail from Omaha but all share a deep desire to study, understand and explore. The inaugural class had one third women, most if not all with undergraduate degrees and full time work and investment experience.

Executive and Lifelong Learner occupations include project management, nursing, college level instruction, charitable management, entrepreneurial training, land development, university leadership, consulting, paralegal, marketing, health care, distribution, business analyst, systems and mechanical engineer, account executive, retired pilot, graduate assistant, sales, portfolio and wealth management, primary care physician, private investor, registered investment adviser, family foundation executive, software developer, financial planner, college professor, corporate board member, conservation executive, banker, fund manager, and sovereign wealth fund manager.

During the spring, Lifelong Learners arrive one week before the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting for this comprehensive program. They represent all 6 continents and over 25 countries including Australia, Canada, China, Cuba, Denmark, Germany, India, Malaysia, Moldavia, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, U.A.E., Uganda and Venezuela. Our most recent class was SOLD OUT with representatives from 15 countries including Belgium, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Japan, Mauritius, Netherlands, Slovakia, and Sweden – truly a United Nations of Lifelong Learners.

Convenient Schedule

In the spring, classes are scheduled for three consecutive days so Lifelong Learners can commute to Omaha, Nebraska to study, explore and network. North American and International attendees will enjoy the convenience of arriving early to attend the Welcome Dinner (Sunday) course (Monday - Wednesday), the Summit Series (Thursday), the Value Investor Conference (Thursday and Friday), Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting (Saturday). In the fall, this course is scheduled for three non- consecutive weekends and is geared towards the UNO enrolled Executive MBA. Lifelong Learners may register to participate in this both spring (24 hours) or fall (36 hours) program.

Certificate of Business Excellence

Upon successful completion, Lifelong Learners will be acknowledged for their pursuit of continued professional and personal development and will be presented with a Certificate of Business Excellence.

One of a Kind

The University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Business is the only university in the world you will find a seminar dedicated to the in-depth and comprehensive study of the Oracle of Omaha. Exploring far beyond his investment methods and examining his management philosophies, corporate governance, mistakes and philanthropy.

Investment Challenge Contest

Executive MBA candidates will be assigned to a team to present a 2 minute investment idea that meets all of Berkshire’s Acquisition Criteria. Other participants will challenge the presenting individual or team on their thesis. A panel of independent judges will determine the winner at the end of the presentations. A $1,000 merit scholarship or University of Nebraska Foundation honorary donation may be awarded to the winning individual or team. Contest participation is required by all Executive MBAs but is optional for Lifelong Learners. NOTE: Previous course graduates will offer their Investment Challenge Contest presentations to demonstrate how it is done.

Investment Research Report

*for Executive MBA candidates only

Executive MBA teams will be required to prepare and submit an in-depth Investment Research Report due within 30 days after classes end. This paper will be evaluated by CBA’s Director of Finance and will determine most of the grade for the class. Executive teams may choose to do a report on their Investment Challenge Contest pitch or another investment idea as long as it meets all of Berkshire’s Acquisition Criteria. This assignment is for Executive MBAs only.

Benefits and Goals

  • Better understand the unique characteristics of a business genius
  • Carefully select your character traits and heroes
  • Learn simple business valuation methods that may have been used by Warren Buffett
  • Realize the important difference between the price of a stock and the value of the business
  • Become a more informed investor and allocator of capital
  • Be a better manager of people by developing the right corporate culture
  • Sharpen your communication skills both orally and in writing
  • Examine Berkshire's corporate governance and the role of its board of directors
  • Understand the unique challenges of business continuation and CEO succession
  • Explore mistakes made by Warren Buffett and learn how to avoid the same ones
  • Determine how you will intelligently give back to the world
  • Uncover a business or stock that would fit into the Berkshire family of businesses

Dean's message

Dear Lifelong Learners,

On behalf of the faculty, staff and students of the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) College of Business Administration, welcome to our first-rate facility, Mammel Hall. Construction of the building was made possible by the generous donations of Carl and Joyce Mammel and Bill and Ruth Scott.

In Aksarben Village, directly across the street from Mammel Hall, you will find a Courtyard by Marriott and Residence Inn making your stay easy, comfortable, and affordable. You will find our partners at the Marriott most helpful in meeting your needs during your time here.

During the fall, we welcome Lifelong Learners from around the USA and Canada to join UNO Executive MBAs over three non-consecutive weekends of concentrated study - Friday afternoon and evenings and Saturday morning and afternoons.

Our spring program schedule is designed to accommodate international Lifelong Learners traveling to Omaha to attend the Value Investor Conference and the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. Our condensed course is (3) three consecutive days Monday - Wednesday, immediately preceding the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting weekend.

Among those who have already taken the course are high net worth investors, professional money managers, financial professionals, Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, medical doctors, foundation executives, university administrators, college professors, health care professionals, retired military, and project managers. Their educational background fills a wide spectrum of disciplines from doctoral and master degrees like journalism, history and mechanical engineering from prestigious institutions like Harvard and Oxford.

The mix of Lifelong Learners, professionals already engaged in earning their Executive MBA degrees, and the distinguished lineup of guest speakers brings a unique and valuable learning experience for all involved. With a diverse class roster, everyone becomes an instructor through teamwork, class discussion and student led presentations. The common thread is an intellectual curiosity and a never ending sense of wonder.

Participants travel to Omaha from far and wide, enhancing global perspectives on the course content. Registrants for this unique opportunity offered by UNO's Executive MBA program, hail from all over the U.S.A. as well as all six continents, and over twenty five countries including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cuba, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mauritius, Moldavia, Netherlands, Philippines, Scotland, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, U.A.E., Uganda, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.

I am looking forward to personally welcoming you to our campus, and learning along with you as together we study the genius of Omaha's most famous resident.


Louis G. Pol, Ph.D.
John Becker Dean of Business Administration