Understand a unique genius.

Learn the principles and methods used by the world’s greatest investor, C.E.O., chairman, director, philanthropist and educator.

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What Lifelong Learners and Executive MBAs are saying

This course can change the way you look at the world of business forever.

Stephanie Guerin
Fall 2011 Class
Partner/Certified Financial Planner

When I got the chance to attend The Genius of Warren Buffett class, I thought it would give me a good backing in conservative investing. I got that and much, much more out of the class.

William H. Ramsey
Fall 2011 Class
Financial Institution Specialist

Bob Miles did a superb job of capturing the many dimensions of Warren Buffett - from Communicator to Investor to Manager to Chairman to Philanthropist. I'm leaving the course with a deeper understanding of value investing.

Claire Kenkel
Fall 2011 Class
Senior Client Development Consultant

I first thought many of the life learners and Bob, to a certain extent, were cult followers of Warren. I quickly found out that they all are truly sincere in their following. Must say that I am now a convert and that you're never too old to learn.

Platt Brabner
Fall 2011 Class
Senior Policy Analyst

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